Yoga Mahendra & Arwin Hidayat – postponed

The coming exhibition with works by Yoga Mahendra en Arwin Hidayat starts from December 9th, 2020 up to January 16th, 2021. 

The main focus of the exhibition is the large work by Yoga Mahendra, which consists of 7 separate painted panels. The solemn appearance of the work attributes to the symbol of the republic Indonesian, the mythical bird Garuda, yet depicts bizarre worlds of endless compounded figures, in a united chaos of life and expectations. Yoga Mahendra’s works are characterised by the bizarre figures shaped by the endless smaller universes of sci-fi and comic characters. 

Arwin Hidayat’s inspiration lies in the primitive depictions of living creatures and raw emotions. In this exhibition you will see not only drawings, but also a number of batik cloths by the artist Arwin Hidayat. The unique batik cloths are hand-painted by the artist and created with traditional methode.

Yoga Mahendra “I Stay”
Arwin Hidayat “Anak Alam, Anak Malam”