Yang Seungwook

Talented and brave young Korean photographer. Winner of the 2019 Pride Photo Award with his series “Play Toy” at the Pride Photo Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Next to this series, he also gets a Special Mention for his other contribution series “Badasses”.

His photo series are a proof of his keen eyes for details, humor but also self-reflection. Masses children toys congest and are piled up together to form new objects, they could have been part of endless fractal objects. The super-hero toys seem to lost their playful innocence, while engaging awkward and eroticism acts and position, provoking laugh and shock at the same time. His Second Memories series explore his more serious side, while his “Home, Bittersweet Home (2010-2014)”, reveals an honest portrait of the degradation of his both grandparents in their later years.

“Sometimes I feel awkward and unfamiliar on the way, when seeing rubbish abandoned on the street or things left alone. My photographs started with the process that catching the moments. I have been making works through creating novel scenes, adding my own experiences and recollections to the moments, and reproducing images taken already.” – Yang Seungwook

“지나가던 길에 버려진 쓰레기나 사물들로 인해 그 주변이 굉장히 어색하고 낯설게 느껴질 때가 있다. 이런 순간들을 포착하는 과정에서 사진작업이 시작되었다. 여기에 개인적인 경험과 기억이 더해져 새로운 장면을 연출하기도 하고, 이미 촬영된 이미지들을 섞어 재편집함으로서 또 다른 작업을 만들어내고 있다.” – Yang Seungwook

Master of Fine Arts, Korea National University Of Arts
Bachelor of Science, Digital Media Design, Anyang University

Yang Seungwook

Artworks by Yang Seungwook

Artist Bio

Solo Exhibition

“I am No more Mad than you are : NO MAD”, Cheongju Art Studio, Chungju, Korea

“Home, Bittersweet Home”, Gallery Ryugaheon, Seoul, Korea
“Glass Closet”, Space Keuk, Seoul, Korea

“#GUNSAN”, Art and Culture space Yeoinsuk, Gunsan, Korea
“Toy room”, Room of One’s own – Alternative space Noon, Suwon, Korea

“Rendezvous”,  NUDA, Daejeon, Korea

Group Exhibition

“Failure exhibition; Prequel”, plan b project space, Seoul, Korea

“THE SCRAP 2019”, Seoul, Korea
“PHOTO IS:RAEL”, Tel Aviv, Israel
“Inter-val, Inter-view”, Tribowl, Incheon, Korea
“Exhibition of the 2019 winners” De Hallen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
“Dongseongkangkang”, Artbn, Seoul, Korea
“Corners2”, Keep in touch seoul, Seoul, Korea
“Open Code”, Cheongju Art Studio, Chungju, Korea
“Queer Pride”, Home Yeonmoo, Suwaon, Korea
“Double Consciousness“, Out House, Seoul, Korea

“Niece of Shaman”, Space Sun, Seoul, Korea

“The Bedroom”, Holland Tunnel Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA
“A/S(After Show)”, Seoul Art Space Seogyo, Seoul, Korea

“THE SCRAP”, Seoul, Korea
“Empty house, manless”, Sohoheon, Daejeon, Korea

“Digital ARTEXMODA 2015”, Art Museum KNU, Daegu, Korea

“Rephotography”, complex cultural space NEMO, Seoul, Korea

“Report on art itinerant vendors ANT”, supplement space Stone & Water, Anyang, Korea

“Zen Mind, Beginner’s mind”, Gallery BODA, Seoul, Korea

Art Residency

Cheongju Art Studio,Cheongju, Korea

Art and Culture space Yeoinsuk Residency, Gunsan, Korea

Sojae Creating Community Residency , Daejeon, Korea


Winner 2019 Pride Photo Award: “PLAY TOY”, Pride Photo Award, The Netherlands
Special Mention: Badasses