Wahyu Srikaryadi

Wahyu Srikaryadi is an established visual art artist from West-Java, Indonesia. Although he mainly makes paintings, he now also creates some installations and occasionally also sculptures.

Starting his art career as an apprentice of Barli Kartasasmita (1982-1989), one of the modern painting masters of Indonesia, he later works together with Ida Bagus Suadjana and I Gusti Matre (1994-1995). While the former masters influenced his early expressionist style, he grows gradually more interested in depicting details sharply, with clear lines and high contrasts. Rather than realist artist, he also set his subjects in dreamy overly romantic landscape or surroundings. While his paintings of Javanese Hindu and Buddhist temples are proven to be popular, his nude paintings earn a selective collectors group.

Bandung, August 8, 1968

Apprentice of Barli Kartasasmita (1982-1989)

Artworks by Wahyu Srikaryadi