Ronald Apriyan

Ronald Apriyan has long been active in the art world and is himself a talented artist. Although his style gradually changes during his lifetime as an artist, his works of art bare witness of his relentless and continuous pursue of expressing (his longing of) the idealistic life in the ever changing surroundings around his home in Yogyakarta. The development and progress have not only changed the landscape of the island rapidly, but also mean a permanent change of the quality of life. The change does not necessary mean worse life condition, but since villages, rice fields and green forests become concrete buildings and houses, people are struggling to find the balance financially as well socially in the tinier free space.

The abrupt change of his art recently has not gone unnoticed and he gains much appreciation in the art world in not only Indonesia but also abroad, with the latest successes in Singapore and Hong Kong. Although it definitely marks the new era in his works of art, at the very essence the paintings reflect the artist’s true himself.

Prabumulih (Southern Sumatra), 29 April 1979

Padjadjaran University Bandung
Sarjanawiyata Taman Siswa University Yogyakarta
Indonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta

Artworks by Ronald Apriyan

Artist Bio

Solo Exhibition

“The Metropolis” Element Art Space Singapore

“Persembahan Cinta Ronald Apriyan” Bentara Budaya Jakarta
“Batik meet Shio” Art Jakarta Special Solo Project. Ritz Carlton Jakarta

“Rainbow Breakfast” Via Via Resto and Art space Yogyakarta

“Lure and Rules” Tirana Art Space, Yogyakarta

“Meet the Rabbit” Arya Duta Art Space Surabaya

“ALHAMDULLILAH”Affandi Museum Yogyakarta

“HUMAN AND HOUSE” Nagano, Japan

“Football, Politics, and Entertainment” Indonesia Institute of Arts
“Footballism” Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta

Group Exhibition

Art Jakarta Pacific Place Jakarta 2018
“PING” project Yunizar Studio 2018 Yogyakarta
“Pick Season” Simply Life Melia Purosani Hotel Yogyakarta
“Caraka” Sanggar Anak Alam Yogyakarta
“Into the Space of Time” IMAGINARIUM 2018, Singapore Art Museum,Singapore

Group Show Home Wares, Cayenne x DGI Jakarta
Group Show YAA Bale Banjar Sangkring Yogyakarta
“Simply Life” Yogyakarta, Yudi Art Space, Yogyakarta
”Back To basic” Element Art Space Singapore
”Art Serpong “ Tangerang

Bazaar with Art Element art Space Jakarta
“Kecil itu Indah” Edwin Gallery, Jakarta
Paperu FKY Yogyakarta
“Re-draw” Edwin Gallery Jakarta
Simply Life Yudi art space Yogyakarta
YAA Yogya Annual Art Sangkring Art Space, Yogyakarta
Ping Project Aruna Studio Yogyakarta

“Dolanan 2” Yogya National Museum, Yogyakarta
“Terima Kasih Guru” Widayat Museum, Mungkid, Magelang
“Fitur and Figure” Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta

Indonesian Revolution UpFront gallery Singapore
TRIBUTE Art Front Gallery Singapore

“Freekick” Royal Art Square Surabaya Indonesia.

“Indonesia – Myanmar Art Exchange Program (second edition) Tanah Tho Gallery Ubud Bali
“BUDI(man)” two Indonesian Contemporary artists. Momentous Contemporary Art Gallery Singapore

“International Malaysian Print Festival
“Indonesia – Myanmar Art Exchange program Bektano Ar Gallery and New Zero Art Space, Yangon Myanmar

“MENJADI INDONESIA” Gedung Arsip Jakarta
Jogjakarta Biennale

“ Most Wanted” Biasa Gallery Yogayakarta
“Ya-shin” Jogja Gallery Yogyakarta
“The Golden Box” Jogja Galery Yogyakarta
“Transcent” CSIS Building jakarta
“Goro – Goro Art Project” Pra Bienale Event Solo 2008

“TUPADA07”, 4th International Action and Art Event. Hacienda Café and Galery, Angono City Philippine
“International Communication And Art Festival”, Tokyo-Nagano Japan

“Enjoy Sculpture”, Indonesia Institute of The Arts Yogyakarta
“NIPAF Exhibition”, Morishita Studio Tokyo, Japan
” Nagano International Video Art Festival” Nagano, Japan

“Backpackers Painting Exhibition” Maharani Hotel, Bali
“Portion” Galeri Sembilan, Bali
“Ligeros de Equipaje” Taman Budaya Yogyakarta (in cooperation with Universidad de Castilla Spain)

“Dolanan” Puppet Exhibition, Studio Tanah Liat Yogyakarta
“Launching Exhibition” Rumah Seni Muara, Yogyakarta
“Peace First Conference” Jakarta
“Bermain Jerami Installation Exhibition” Warung Sawah, Yogyakarta
“Petasan” Purna Budaya Yogyakarta

“Murky Moral World Exhibition” Scotland, Canada, Japan, Australia, Indonesia (in cooperation with Australian National University)
“3 D Passion” Kafe Kecil, Yogyakarta
“Tribute to Mas Tri” Tin Can Exhibition, Kedai Kebun Forum Yogyakarta
“Message from Indonesia” Kobe Design University, Japan
“Gedebook” Fundraising Exhibition, Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta

“Dialog Multirupa Yogyakarta – Palembang” Yogyakarta
“Pesta Seni Ancol” Jakarta

“Deklarasi Forum Celah Rupa UST” Yogyakarta

Performance Art Activities

“Yogyakarta Performance Art Urban Festival #4” Colaborating, Ilham J Badai and Huang Ming Chi

Tupada04 “Social Contact” Hacienda Café and Gallery, Angono City, Philippine. CCP Manila Philippine, Baguio City Philippine
Yogyakarta International Performance Art and Urban Festival #3
“Occopying Space”, Jakarta International Performance Art Festival

“Playstation Winning Eleven” Madman Distro, Yogyakarta
“Perfurbance #2”: Jogjakarta Performance Art Urban Festival
The 11th NIPAF Asia Performance Art Series 06: Asia Meets Latin America, Tokyo, Nagoya, Nagano, Kumagaya

“Silent Logistics” Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta (in collaboration with Dominic Gaignon and Julie Andree, Canada)
Chandra Skaran in Colaburating. Rumah Panggung Nitiprayan
“A Mall will be Built Here!”, Tugu Train Station Yogyakarta
“Last Supper” for Perfurbance Jogjakarta Performance Art Festival
“Last Supper” in BTW! Space, Bandung
“We’re Dependent” in National Gallery, Ambulance Peformance Art Festival Jakarta

2003 – 2004
Routine Performances for “Wed Action Monthly Performance Event” Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta

“Packages” Universitas Gadjah Mada Boulevard, Yogyakarta
“Fetishism” for Opening of Muara Art House, Yogyakarta
“The Red” for Launching of Performance Klub, Yogyakarta’s Main Streets
“Borobudur International Art Festival”, Magelang

2001, 2002
“Hari Bumi (Earth Day)” Malioboro Streets, Yogyakarta

UST Inauguration Performance

Artist and Residency

Social and Cultural contact Tondo and Happy land Manila, Philippine

Nagano International Artist And Residency Program

Related Experience

Mural Project Tirana Butik and gallery Jogjakarta

Program Manager For Jan Cornell ” Mom and The Bastard Son’s”

Facilitator for Chandra Sekaran, performer artist from Singapore
Curatorial Management of Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung
Artistic Coordinator of PERTAMINA (National Oil Company) Christmas Event
Facilitator Artist for “Gardanalla Toko Cerita”, Galeria Mall Yogyakarta

Display Coordinator for Yogyakarta’s Art Festival (FKY)

Publication Staff for Yogyakarta Biennale “Countrybution”
Stencil Workshop Coordinator for Cemeti Art Foundation, Yogyakarta
Now Management Board of PerformanceKlub Yogyakarta

2003 – 2005
Students’ Board of Indonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta

2002 – 2004
Public Relations for Rumah Seni Muara Yogyakarta
Management Board of “Muara” art bulletin


Best Mural in STP AMPTA, Yogyakarta

Best Sketch of Fine Art Indonesia Institute of The Arts, Yogyakarta

Best Caricature for Hari Kartini (Commemorating Kartini), Yogyakarta