Olexandr Pinchuk

Since 2013, Olexandr Pinchuk has been engaged in object art and is a teacher and speaker for students in the field of interior and object design. Participant of contemporary art exhibitions in Moscow, Russia and Kharkov, Ukraine. Collaborates with contemporary collection art galleries in New York, Brussels, Amsterdam and Kyiv.

Pinchuk creates art objects and multimedia installations. All works are aimed at the search and identification of mental and cultural characteristics, the search for answers to questions of human existence and society. For him, the creation of an object is a special story, a story without words. A conversation through an object is an attempt to reach the viewer through emotions, feelings, images.

Pinchuk directs the creation of the short animated film “The Big Vault” based on the poem by Taras Shevchenko. The poem is a philosophical and mystical story about life and death, past, present and future.



Ukraine, 1986

Master of Laws, studied at the International Law Institute and Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

Artworks by Olexandr Pinchuk