Merdeka | Vrijheid

“Merdeka | Vrijheid” is hopefully somewhat appropriate title for the exhibition in the month which Indonesia not only remembers her independence from the Netherlands, but also an opportunity for both countries to reconcile with the colonial past. The words merdeka (from Bahasa Indonesia) as well as vrijheid (from Dutch) mean freedom (independence).

Juni Kusumanto and Edith Bons, two Dutch artists who explore the relationship and the balance of their bicultural background and living environment, as well as critical Indonesian artist Prihatmoko Moki and Yoga Mahendra, participate in this exhibition.


11 August – 17 September, 2022


17 September, 2022
From 4pm

Music by Indonesian cellist Alfian Aditya and poetry by Winarko Boesri. Some Indonesian snacks will be served.

No appointment necessary.

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