M.A. Roziq

M.A. Roziq sees the photography as a way to express his thoughts and imagination rather than capturing lights and events. One of his teachers at the Photography Academy was Iswanto Soerjanto, a photographer also represented by Gallery Lukisan.

Roziq expresses his concern on the degrading life environment by using metaphors built up from ordinary daily objects and toys. Sometimes he chooses the subjects of his photography covered in fluffy, but volatile and short-lived soap bubbles, while the other times the subjects are completely frozen in ice. Before Roziq can make even photograph of the iced objects, he must first of all make the ice made of pure of coloured frozen water. He creates ice cubes, smooth blocks, shapes and even complete elaborated sculptures. The translucent ice gives a fascinating look to the sealed objects, distorts the image but also enhances the contrast by the quality of light, blurring their original purpose and giving them different meaning.

By choosing ice as a symbol of preserving, Roziq finds a way to comment on the current societal questions in a fresh and humorous manner. No wonder that he has been selected several times to exhibit his works at the ArtJog, the most important contemporary art festival in Indonesia.

Lampung, 28 September 1978

2002 Diploma Fine Art Photography, Akademi Desain Visi Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Artworks by M.A. Roziq

Artist Bio

Solo Exhibition

Solo Exhibition “Durasi Kebenaran” Nalarroepa Ruang Seni Yogyakarta

Solo Exhibition “Gift For My Children” Via-Via Café Yogyakarta

Group Exhibitions (last 5 Years)


KunstRAI, Gallery Lukisan, Amsterdam
Affordable Art Fair Brussels, Gallery Lukisan, The Netherlands
First Art Fair, Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, Gallery Lukisan, The Netherlands


Affordable Art Amsterdam, Gallery Lukisan, Amsterdam

Affordable Art Fair, Singapore
Exhibition “VICE VERSA” Galeri Rumah Jati Yogyakarta
Contemporary Art Exhibition At Jogja Contemporary Yogyakarta
Visual Exhibition “ Alam Benda dan Gambar Lainnya” Museum Dan Tanah Liat Yogyakarta
Mandiri ARTJOG9 “Universal Influence” Jogja Nasional Museum Yogyakarta
“DIALOG” Jogja Village inn Hotel Yogyakarta
“LOREM IPSUM :Sisyphus and the Stone” Sangkring Art Project Yogyakarta
PAPERU (ng)impi(an) FKY 28 Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
“ Mandiri Sahabat Negeri” Mandiri Art Charity, Graha Bimasena Jakarta
“WhArt Now?” Traveling Exhibition with Art Xchange Gallery, Jogja Gallery Yogyakarta ; Galeri Prima Kuala Lumpur ; Art Xchange Gallery Singapore
Imago Mundi “Island of the Imagination” Bentara Budaya Bali
AKAP “Kebersamaan” Jogja Gallery Yogyakarta
Imago Mundi “Island of the Imagination” Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta

“Revitalisasi “ Museum H.Widayat Magelang Jawa Tengah
Affordable Art Fair, Singapore
“Yogya Open Studio” Nalarroepa Studio Yogyakarta
“Reborn Everytime” Sangkring Art Space Yogyakarta
“Imago Mundi: The Art of Humanity (Art Humanity)” At Praestigium Italia
“Lost in Colors#1” Artotel Surabaya
“Drawn to Experience V2” POP Gallery, Brisbane Australia
“Bukti” Visi Gallery Yogyakarta
“Keajaiban Kecil” At Nalarroepa Ruang Seni Yogyakarta
The 30 th ASROPA international art Exhibition, W Gallery in Gunsan South Korea
BANK ART FAIR, Singapore

“ISI ISI” Kemang 58 Gallery Jakarta
“The Work Without Border”#2 Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta
“Bangun Jiwo” Lapak 36 Yogyakarta
“Legacies Of Power” Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
“KSATRIA” Musium Bank Indonesia Yogyakarta
“On Klik” Balai Pemajangan dan Keseharian Yogyakarta
“Rupa-Rupa Seni Rupa “ Nandur Srawung” Taman Budaya Yogyakarta2013 Exhibition“Dongeng Garuda” Sallie Café Yogyakarta
“LARDE Vol.1” Independent Art Space & Management Yogyakarta
“Sweet Seventeen” Via-Via Café Yogyakarta

Exhibition “The Work Without Border” Jogja Gallery Yogyakarta
ArtJog13 “Maritim Culture” Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
“non-EXPRESSION” Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah
“Territories of Self” Rumahku Art Café Magelang2012 Exhibition “Hyperfocal Distance” Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta

ArtJog12 “Looking East” Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
“Small Series#1” Independent Art Space & Management Yogyakarta
“Jejak di Punggung Khatulistiwa” Gallery STSRD VISI Yogyakarta
Photography exhibition” Lokananta Festival” Solo Jawa Tengah