Grafiek2022 – Ontmoeten

Gallery Lukisan is one of the participants of the Grafiek2022, the nationwide graphic art and printmaking triennial. Museums, galleries, printmaking studios, art centers, and artists will organize various projects and activities related to graphic art – exhibitions, lectures, demonstrations, and workshops. These three months will be dedicated to printmaking as an art form and show the wide scope of expressions and enormous variation in graphic art: from traditional printing techniques to contemporary crossovers, mixed media combined with other techniques, as well as the invention of new printing methods.

Gallery Lukisan is collaborating with Peter Franssen to present the exhibitions and exciting programs around graphic art and printmaking.

Etching artist Laura Casas Valle (The Netherlands) and critical graphic artist Prihatmoko Moki (Indonesia) present their latest works, along with Jan Wessendorp (linoprint, The Netherlands), Soni Irawan (Indonesia) and Herlambang Bayu Aji (Indonesia/Germany). Five different artists with different techniques and different motivation.

Date: 7 October, 2022
Time: 8 – 10 pm
Venue: Gallery Lukisan

Peter Franssen, Yuriko Miyoshi, Marian Vergouwen, Laura Casas Valle.

No appointment necessary.


  • Saturday, 8 October 10 am – 5 pm
    Japanese woodblock print by Yuriko Miyoshi
  • Saturday, 15 and 22 October 10 am – 2 pm
    Etching by Peter Franssen
  • Saturday, 29 October 11 am – 5 pm
    Mezzotint by Sjoerd Tegelaers

All workshops take place in the studio of Peter Franssen (Sint Annastraat 10, Bergen op Zoom) and cost € 100 pax for the full day.

View and download catalogue here