Flarden van Hades – Theatergroep Honger

Theatre company Honger is diving into the underworld of the humanity in their newest production. The play looks for stories and situations of this universal search. 

Erol Struijk, who writes the script of the piece, lets himself inspired by the Swedish playwright Lars Norèn, based on a number of documentation, interview, and social research. 

The cast includes Tom van de Berg, Julia Dierikx, Koen van Dongen, Hilde Koopmans and Daan Quaden.

Gallery Lukisan
Moeregrebstraat 72, 4611JD Bergen op Zoom

13 / 14 / 15 / 20 / 21 May, 2022

20.00 – 21.45

Some photos from the build-up of the theatre and the rehearsals at Gallery Lukisan