Jan Wessendorp

Jan Wessendorp

Johannes George (Jan) Wessendorp, born in 1940 in Surabaya (Indonesia), started at the MTS voor de Fotografie en Fototechniek, The Hague before pursuing his artistic desire and education at the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, The Haque, specialising in painting, drawing and design technique. He became lecturer in Drawing, Colour and Form Technique at the Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten St. Joost, Breda and was one of the apprentices of Paul Citroen, Rein Draijer, and Hugo Liebe.

Primarily a painter, Jan Wessendorp is a versatile artist whose works range from drawing and graphic to plastic arts (sculpture). Wessendorp creates figures and characters that show openness, even vulnerability, yet they are never defenceless let alone aggressive. They manifest themselves by their unusual look and posture. Despite their subdued emotions, one can sense the fear, compassion, happiness, loneliness and even some love there.

From time to time the frame around the canvas no longer becomes boundaries of the image, it rather becomes integral part of the artwork. While in some, it transforms to an autonomous entity with its own shape, materials and meaning.

Wessendorp’s works have been collected by a number of museums and national organisations across The Netherlands and Belgium. His graphic piece paired with poetry by Albert Hagenaars is now in the collection of Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven. In collaboration with Auke van der Heide, he created the striking  sculptural landscape object, titled “De Emmer van Toen is de Buis van Nu”, a concrete tower adorned with zinc buckets, in the vicinity of the utilitarian waste water treatment plant.

1940, Surabaya, Indonesia

MTS voor de Fotografie en Fototechniek, The Hague
Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, The Haque, specialising in painting, drawing and design technique

Artist’s Statement (freely translated)

“Art is embedded in nature and they who can extract it, have it.” (Albrecht Dürer)

This quote by Albrecht Dürer is the guideline in my work and life. It not only relates to nature, which becomes visible around us as an object world, but also, as far as we are nature ourselves, to our physical and intelligent existence. Nature makes herself known in us as our own special nature and specific talent. This quality determines the kind of attention for that object world, through which a world of ideas and feelings opens up. The artist’s struggle is to arrive at a distinct form of experience that is then expressed in a specific painterly ability. The development of vision, originality and expression is determined by an uninterrupted self-education and training, in all aspects of the artist’s life. In doing so, all lower impulses become subservient to the higher and are absorbed! 

“Art is hidden in nature” 

Artistic image is not so much supported by external characteristics, but even more by substantive implications, which are the result of that growing consciousness. The possibility to move and communicate in art: to set the viewer inwardly in motion and thus to encourage a self-experience, does not lie in the passionate desire of the maker to communicate himself, to influence others, or in the lust of design. This possibility lies in the artist’s ability to create from the source of life that he has been able to tap into and to which he has been able to give an authentic visual form! 

“Whoever can extract it, have it!” 

Jan Wessendorp

Artworks by Jan Wessendorp

Artist Bio

Collected Works

Collection of the State of The Netherlands
Rijksdienst Verspreide Kunstvoorwerpen (currently: Collectie Nederland)
Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven
Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Royal Library), Brussels, Belgium
Museum Plantyn-Moretus, Antwerp, Belgium
Museum De Beyerd, Breda
Kunstcollectie Rabobank Nederland (Art Collection Rabobank Nederland)
Museum Het Markiezenhof, Bergen op Zoom
Municipality Bergen op Zoom
Municipality Roosendaal
Municipality Woensdrecht
Art Borrow Artotheek 18, Bergen op Zoom/Roosendaal
Art Borrow Artotheek Breda

Selected Exhibitions

“Lichtende Grenzen” Solo Exhibition at 3 locations in Bergen op Zoom: the Markiezenhof Museum, Gallery Lukisan and Arsis Art and Society Foundation

Summer Expo, Gallery Lukisan, Bergen op Zoom

Ontmoeten, Graphic Arts Exhibition, Gallery Lukisan, Bergen op Zoom
Aan het licht gebracht, Solo Exhibition, Gallery Lukisan, Bergen op Zoom

Teder Indringend, Solo Exhibition at Gallery Lukisan, Bergen op Zoom

HOMM’AGE À TROIS – SynapsZ Kunstcollectief eert Fons Gieles, Joop Mijsbergen en Jan Wessendorp at the Markiezenhof, Bergen op Zoom

Double exhibition in the former sugar plant De Zeeland, Markiezaatsweg 17, Bergen op Zoom

Grants & Awards

Knight of the Royal Order of Orange-Nassau

Sakko Award, Bergen op Zoom

WVC Prize to Italy


Lecturer Drawing, Colour and Form Technique at the Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten St. Joost, Breda


Jan Wessendorp, beeldend kunstenaar
“De Emmer van Toen is de Buis van Nu” – in collaboration with Auke van der Heide

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Laura Casas Valle

Laura Casas Valle

Laura Casas Valle, a graphic artist based in Arnhem, The Netherlands. 

Laura Casas Valle is firstly fascinated by the etching technique, which using hair-thin lines on paper, and in combination with another technique called aquatint, allows her to produce beautiful images with sharp details and contrasting deep and dark coloured areas.

The etching technique is however a difficult and elaborate process to produce an image, that requires not only a lot of concentration and physical strength to control, but also reverse image-thinking. The artist first needs to work on the image using the etching needle on waxy zinc or other metal plates, drawing lines and scraping off the wax to expose the bare metal for the larger tinted areas. The metal plates then undergo a chemical process with acid baths, carving the bare metal to form cannelures and eroding surfaces to hold the ink. When finished, these plates will be pressed onto paper to produce a number of editions of the image.

The human figure is a recurring element in Laura Casas Valle’s works, while the architectural elements and colour intensity create the sense of depth. In her new works she explores the spatial quality of her images and the boundaries of the two-dimensional flat etching prints, into 3-dimensional creations permitting the viewers to literally peek inside the artworks. 

Amersfoort, 1974, The Netherlands

Propedeuse Kunstgeschiedenis en Archeologie, Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen (1997 – 1998)
Propedeuse Spaans, Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen (1997 – 1998)
Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Arnhem, Vrije Kunst (1993 – 1997)

Artist’s website:

Artworks by Laura Casas Valle

Artist Bio

Group Exhibition

Paper Matters, Gallery Lukisan, Bergen op Zoom

Stockverkoop, den Bosch
Expositie, Grafisch Atelier den Bosch

Stockverkoop, den Bosch

8th Douro Biennial, Portugal
Exhibition ‘Related Impressions’ during Notre Dame des Arts in Ubbergen, The Netherlands
Group exhibition “Grenzen”, The Markiezenhof, Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands

Expositie Grafiek bij C-Lab Kunst West, Amsterdam
Expositie 2nd Global Print 2015, Douro, Portugal
Expositie bij Caspar en Dot hair, Arnhem
Expositie Old Souls, New Magic, TETEM Kunstruimte, Enschede
Expositie bij Stadspastoraat, Arnhem

Exposite bij de Kreek, Oosterbeek
Expositie bij Stichting Grafische Werkplaats Daglicht, Eindhoven

Expositie SpiegelMspiegel, Velp
Expositie ‘Big Try Out’, Luchtkasteel, Arnhem
Rijnstate Arnhem, solo expositie

“Show yourself: going to the etch #3”, Koornmarktspoort, Kampen
“De Kreek” Oosterbeek, groepsexpositie
“Show yourself: going to the etch #2”, het Kruithuis, ‘s-Hertogenbosch
“De Kreek” Oosterbeek, solo expositie
“Show yourself: going to the etch”, Pictura Dordrecht, groepsexpositie
“Kunst op de koffie”, kunstproject Spijkerkwartier, Arnhem

“Ongerijmd”, Arnhem

Radboud Ziekenhuis Nijmegen
Verheyden, Arnhem, solo expositie

Architectenbureau Wiegerinck, Arnhem, jubileumexpositie
Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst Nijmegen, expositie
Galerie JaJa, Amsterdam, groepsexpositie
Galerie de Buytensael, Arnhem, groepsexpositie
Galerie de Zevende Hemel, Velp, tekenexpositie

Galerie de Zevende Hemel, Velp, grafiekexpositie
Bibliotheek Dordrecht, solo expositie
CBK Arnhem, groepsexpositie “Maximale Resolutie”

CBK Arnhem Grafieklokaal, expositie

Kunsthuis 13, Velp, “In gesprek met Spanje”, expositie

Kronenburg project, Arnhem, “Plein publiek”

Galerie Agnes Raben, Amsterdam, Groepsexpositie

Galerie Vlasblom, Arnhem, Groepsexpositie

Galerie Vlasblom, Arnhem, Groepsexpositie
De Gele Rijder, project Arnhem, “De keuze is aan u”

Van Ginkel Grafiekprijs, aanmoedigingsprijs
Afstudeerexpositie Arnhem

“LOK 5 (IV)” Arnhem, Grafiektentoonstelling


1997 – now
Professional graphic artist

2010 – now
Freelance master printer (meesterdrukker) at the Productiehuis Plaatsmaken, Arnhem

2015 – now
Ets Express, workshops etching for schools

2013 – 2016
Coordinator “To the Etch” Foundation for Old Souls, New Magic, Enschede/Arnhem projects
Coordinator “To the Etch” Foundation for Show yourself; going to the etch, Dordrecht – ‘s-Hertogenbosch – Kampen projects
Tekenen in metaal, workshops etsen in het  basisonderwijs in het kader van de Achterhoek maakt het
Etswerkplaatsbeheerder bij Productiehuis Plaatsmaken, Arnhem

2007 – 2010
CBKG Kunstuitleen te Arnhem

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Edith Bons

Edith Bons

Edith Bons was born in Indonesia, in the city of Merauke, West-Papua (Irian Jaya). However she grew up in The Netherlands. Graduated from the Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten en Vormgeving Minerva, Groningen, The Netherlands, and is active as visual artist since 1985.

In her art, Edith Bons deliberately seeks to express her bicultural roots and living environment, the so-called Indische Identiteit, or Dutch-Indies (read Indonesian) identity. The Poleng [1] motif, occurs many times in her art, is a dualistic symbol of many contrasts: black and white, good and bad, East and West etc. It is striking that poleng in Balinese culture is a symbol of balance of the universe.

Characteristic of her art is also the use of recycled waste materials as repurposed objects and the many elements from traditional Indonesian artefacts, organic materials such as palm and banana leaves, reed, rattan, wood, but more importantly rice seeds. As the main staple of many people of the East, rice has important meanings to which many symbolisms are assigned. Edith Bons creates several art installations consisting of rice as their main material or subject. 

[1] Poleng is a trademark black-and-white checkerboard woven fabric wrapped around objects considered sacred in Bali. A symbol of balance of the universe, the cloth will be put around as banners or tucked in and around statues or rocks, or draped over objects, in which the Hindu Balinese people believe a spirit is living, such as trees, poles, house shrines, etc.

1952 in Merauke, Indonesia.

Schilderen en Grafiek aan de Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten en Vormgeving, Groningen, The Netherlands

Artworks by Edith Bons

Artist Bio

Group Exhibition (last 10 years)

Bijdrage Kunstmoment Diepenheim
“Kleurijk” Zuid-oost Amsterdam
“Dicher Bij” Roden
“Merdeka” galerie Lukisan “Merdeka” Bergen op Zoom
“Salon der Leden” Pictura Dordrecht

“Art Hollandais” De Kamergalerie,Preporche Frankrijk
Forma Aktua Groningen
CBK Zuid-oost Amsterdam
Multi disciplinaire tentoonstelling Bellingen, Belgium

“Art Hollandais” De Kamergalerie, Preporche, France

“Anti Chambre” Firma van Drie, Gouda
“Moeder de Vrouw” De Nieuwe Ruimte, Velp
“Van Rembrandt tot Roerei” K38, Roden
“Art Hollandais” De Kamergalerie, Preporche, France

Galerie Achttien18, Baarland (duo)
“L’Art Hollandais” galerie De Kamergalerie, Preporche, France
Sein vormgeving Waalwijk (duo)
Pictura: Portrettengalerij n.a.v. 400 jaar Dordtse Synode

BartArtBox, Thesinge
Galerie Lessedra, Sofia, Bulgaria

Forma Aktua, Groningen

Pictura, Dordrecht “200 Jaar Koninkrijk, 200 jaar schilderkunst”
Bart Art Box, Thesinge ‘IndoMalukuTotok 1 2 3 4 GenerasiGeneratie’
Coda museum / ACCEC, Apeldoorn “Indisch DNA”

Cemety Art House, Jogyakarta, Indonesia “OneNightStand”
Galerie Ariana Den Haag (duo)
Galerie Holtrop Tilburg
Bart Art Box (duo), Thesinge

“Buah-Kembang” een kruisbestuiving van het werk van Rosemarijn van Limburg Stirum en Edith Bons , OD 36, Delft (duo)
Galerie/kunsthandel Welkenhuysen, Utrecht
“Inspiring Spirits” Sieboldhuis, Japanmuseum

Solo Exhibition (last 10 years)

De Kamergalerie, Preporche, France

De Kamergalerie, Preporche, France

Galerie Ariana, Den Haag

YOS (Jogya Open Studio) Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Creatief Laboratorium 38CC, Delft. Retrospectieve tentoonstelling 25 jaar kunstenaarschap

DOK kunstuitleen, Delft

Karta Pustaka Yogyakarta, Indonesië Installatie


Vakprijs Delftse Salon, Delft

Gemeente Epe: De Ringprijs voor artistieke presentatie

Theodorus Niemeyer BV Groningen poster ontwerpwedstrijd “Javaanse Jongens”


Geurobject t.b.v. educatieproject DOK kunst

Schetsopdracht Psychiatrisch Ziekenhuis Delta Rotterdam

Ontwerp postkaart ter gelegenheid 50 jarig bestaanUniversele Rechten van de Mens i.o.v. Stichting Contrapost Groningen

Muurschildering peuterspeelzaal Klein Duimpje i.o.v. Stichting Stipehosa Hoogezand- Sappemeer
Schetsontwerp Umbel-Umbel t.b.v. Wapperkunst-galerie i.o.v. Gemeente Delfzijl

Ontwerp zeefdruk i.o.v. galerie cemety Jogyakarta (Indonesië) Ontwerp zeefdruk i.o.v. galerie Forma Aktua Groningen

Vormgeving gedichtenbundel “Gedichten (Sajak Sajak)i.o.v. dichter Winarko Bazoeni Boesrie Leidschendam


(25 Aug) Indisch Museum “Voor het Voetlicht”

(14 Okt.) “Delftse Kunst: Edith Bons”, internetpublicatie Nieuwsbrief Gemeente Delft. 15th Lessedra World Art Print Annual, 2016 Lessedra Contemporary Art Projects

(28 juni) Den Haag Centraal. In de rubriek Society “We’ll meet again” door Vilan van de Loo.

Delft-op-zondag: Edith en Rosemarijn delen hun liefde voorIndonesie

(dec) Moesson (maandblad) In de rubriek Uit de Kunst: Edith Bons door Frans Leidelmeijer.
(dec) BBK-krant(kwartaalblad) “Het zelfportret van Edith Bons”

(6 aug.) KOMPAS (Indonesisch landelijk dagblad)
Pencarian Identitas Seniman Belanda Kelahiran Papua door WKM.

Catalogus Religie in de Beeldende Kunst door Piet Augustijn, conservator Gorcum’s museum. Uitg. Gorum’s Museum, Gorinchem
Algemeen Dagblad (AD): Saskia Herberghs – “Knooppunt van kunst”

(31 mei) Delftse Courant (dagblad) Een Hollands koetje met een Oosterse Huid” door Hendrik van Leeuwen
Boek (ISBN 9066570326) “Tussen Twee Werelden wacht het Verlangen van een ceaan”, een verkennend onderzoek naar Indische beeldende kunst- en cultuuruitingen. Kempen Uitgevers BV, Liempde

(juni) Moesson (onafhankelijk Indisch maandblad): Ëen hommage aan de Indische ondefinieerbaarheid” door dr. Helena Spanjaard (kunsthistoricus)

(maart) Bijeen (maandblad) in de rubriek Kunstgesprek Edith Bons verknipte wajangpoppen en zwarte en witte blokken”door Patricia Wessels
(29 januari) Delftsche Courant (dagblad) “Collages van Verzoening en Vertedering door Hendrik van Leeuwen

(15 december) O.O.G. tv Groningen “Portret van Beeldend Kunstenaar Edith Bons”in het programma Groningen Wereldstad
(1 november) Gelders Dagblad “Stijlvolle opening met gamelanmuziek en poëzie door een hunner verslaggevers
(6 oktober) Advertentie Rabo-bank Delfzijl e.o. Edith Bons exposeert in kantoor Delfzijl

(21 oktober) De Faenster “Moderne kunst met oosters accent in galerie De Estrik
(22 oktober) Dagblad van Noordoost Friesland “Keramiek en schilderijen harmoniëren prima in De Estrik”door S. Hogendorp

(21 april) Jakarta Post (dagblad) Indo-painter expresses cultural dillema”door R. Fadjri
(14 april) Mingu Media Indonesia Edith Bons dua budaya dan orisinalitas door RFX
(15 juni) Radio Noord interview door Kirsten Klijnsma in het programma “Met Andere Ogen”
Boek (november) Onderzoek en Ontwikkeling n.a.v. expositie in Pulchri Studio den Haag 1995
(10 november) TV Noord: interview t.b.v. journaaluitzendingen n.a.v. expositie “Tempo Biro, Tempo Baru” Groningen
Catalogus “Edith Bons” door dr. Helena Spanjaard

(maart) Tjabe Rawit, verhalen met een Indische achtergrond (kwartaalblad) “Dat ik naar Indonesie ging, was toevallig”door Dane Beerling
(november) Ruimte (kwartaalblad) No. Culturele Identiteit “De Insulinde ontmaskerd” door Deanna Herst (kunsthistoricus)


Website for more information:

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Arwin Hidayat

Arwin Hidayat

Arwin Hidayat combines primitive and contemporary motifs for his works on paper and in his paintings, and also by folk art inspired refined unique batik pieces. Although many of his works are inspired by his personal experiences and thoughts, his works of art can be seen as a subtle manner to pose questions about socio-economic and moral situation in Indonesia.

Arwin Hidayat loves the medium batik. It is traditionally a method to decorate cloth with motifs, pattern or designs using colour dyes and wax. It requires quite an elaborate manner of painting (writing) by hand, unlike the modern printed textile production for the mass. Although the method can be found in many places in (South-East) Asia, in Java especially this method of cloth decorating has found its high refinement, where every motive has its own meanings, and whom are allowed to use depending on the gender and even ranks of social and heritage. The traces of these batik paintings can be found in his works on paper.

Arwin Hidayat’s artworks have been selected several times for ArtJog, the annual & prestigious contemporary art exhibition in Yogyakarta.

12 April, 1983 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Indonesian Fine Arts Institute (ISI), Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Artworks by Arwin Hidayat

Artist Bio

Solo Exhibition

Solo Exhibition “Flash Show Drawing”, West Brunwich, Melbourne, Australia

Solo Exhibition “BLUES BAU KENCUR”, Via Via Café, Yogyakarta

Solo Exhibition, “Gombal”, Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta


Balai Pemuda Rahayu, Dlingo, Bantul, Yogyakarta



Group Exhibition DSMHHPP – Gallery Lukisan
Keep The Fire On #6, Survive Garage, Yogyakarta
Pameran virtual bersama, alumni UOB Painting of The Year, “Indahnya berbagi dalam berkarya, dari Seniman untuk seniman”
Pameran bersama, “Art in Isolation”, UTTARA The Icon, Yogyakarta
Pameran bersama, “Manusia Manusia”, Galeri Katamsi, Yogyakarta
Pameran virtual, “Art Jakarta”


First Art Fair, Passagiers Terminal, Amsterdam
“TERMASUK”, Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney
Indonesian Cultural Late, London Book Fair, London
“Kontraksi pasca tradisionalisme”, Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta
Letter callus post-war, Lorong Galeri, Yogyakarta
KunsRAI 2019, Amstelhal, Amsterdam
Full HD, Survive Garage, Yogyakarta
Letter, callus,post-War, Taipei Kuandu museum, Taiwan
FKY Mulanira, ” Wirama”, Museum Sonobudoyo, Yogyakarta
Keep The Fire On #5, Survive Garage, Yogyakarta
Celebration of Compassion, Tirtodipuran Link, Yogyakarta
Asmara day, Tebar Pesona, Asmara Art and Coffee Shop, Yogyakarta
Pameran Sagilik Saguluk, Rumah Sanur, Bali
Pameran bersama “Between Ngoyo and Nrimo”, Studio Kalahan, Yogyakarta
Pameran Stockroom, “In What We Believe” (100 tahun Widayat), Galeri Lorong, Yogyakarta


ArtJog, Annual Contemporary Art Event, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
KunstRAI, Gallery Lukisan, Amsterdam
Keep on Fire 4, Survive Garage, Yogyakarta
Art Jakarta in Ace Houce Collective, Pasific Place Jakarta
Art on Paper Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Contemporary Art Ruhr, Zollverein – Essen, Germany


Pameran Friends of TPS, Miracle Print, Yogyakarta
Solo Exhibition, “Gombal”, Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta
Slow Fashion, ARK Gallery, Yogyakarta
Keep on Fire 3, Survive Garage, Yogyakarta
ArtJog 10 “Changing Perspective”, Jogja Nasional Museum, Yogyakarta
Bazaart Jakarta, Pacific place Jakarta
Volkswagen Exhibition, JEC, Yogyakarta


Red Base Young Artist Award, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta
The MASKS, Diesel Art Gallery, Shibuya, Tokyo
Jogja Calling, 4A Gallery, Sydney, Australia
Print Parade, Grafis Minggiran, Yogyakarta
Survive Day, Survive Garage, Yogyakarta


Drawing Durhaka, DGTMB Shop, Yogyakarta
Nandur Srawung, Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta
“Revitalisasi Hj.Widayat”, Museum Haji Widayat, Magelang
Check Your Connection, DGTMB Shop, Yogyakarta
Keep Fire On, Survive Garage, Yogyakarta
FKY XXVII Laras Sinawang, Sasono Hinggil, Yogyakarta
UOB Finalist Exhibition, UOB Plaza, Jakarta
“Main Grafis”, Nalarrupa Gallery, Yogyakarta
Batik Archipelago, Daya Juang, Solo
Keep on Fire 2, Survive Garage, Yogyakarta
Relation in Print, Tirana House, Yogyakarta
Print Parade, Grafis Minggiran, Yogyakarta


“Neo Folk” , IKKAN Gallery, Singapore
Asia Print (Krack Project), Sydney. Australia
“Fenomena Perjaka Lembab”, DGTMB Shop, Yogyakarta
“Merayakan Agar-Agar”, DGTMB Shop, Yogyakarta
“Silk Screen Attack”, Ascos, Yogyakarta
“Golden Age”, Lokananta Art Space, Solo
“Solid”, Krack Gallery, Yogyakarta
Neo Iconoclast, Langgeng Gallery, Magelang
ArtJog14 Legacies of Power, Yogyakarta
“Yang Maha Benda”, Studio Grafis Minggiran, Yogyakarta
Cut and Remix, Jogja Gallery. Yogyakarta
Agropop (Equator Project), Singapore


Solo Exhibition “BLUES BAU KENCUR”, Via Via Café, Yogyakarta
Via Via Sweet Seventeen, Via Via Café, Yogyakarta
ArtJog Maritime Culture, Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta
Postcard DGTMB Exhibition, Dialogue, Jakarta
3D KRACK Exhibition, Yogyakarta
“Pameran Persembahan Survive Garage”, Yogyakarta


Postcard Exhibition “Just Because I Love You”, Via Via Café, Yogyakarta
Postcard Exhibition “MUBAL GENERATION”, LIR Café, Yogyakarta
Postkad “Postcard Exhibition”, Singapore
(s)mallseries #1, IAM (Independent Art Space & Management), Yogyakarta
Solo Exhibition “Flash Show Drawing”, West Brunwich, Melbourne, Australia


Mail Art Movement, Universitas Negeri Semarang, Semarang
Drawing Revolution I, DGTMB Shop, Yogyakarta


Turun dalam Rupa Cahaya, LIP, Yogyakarta
Expo Sign, Jogja Expo Center, Yogyakarta
Oemar Bakrie, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta
Rolling Draw, IVAA Gallery, Yogyakarta
ISIOTHERAPY, Benteng Vredenburg, Yogyakarta


SURPRISE II, Benteng Vredenburg, Yogyakarta


Pameran Bersama Kobe, Jepang
SURPRISE I, Galeri Biasa, Yogyakarta


FKY XI, Benteng Vredenburg, Yogyakarta
“Pameran Berdua ASA”, SMSR, Yogyakarta


“Pameran Lukisan Kaca”, Purnabudaya, Yogyakarta
FKY X, Benteng Vredenburg, Yogyakarta
“Anjing Kampung”, SMSR, Yogyakarta

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Prihatmoko Moki

Prihatmoko Moki

Prihatmoko Moki is a print & silk-screen artist and one of the founders of the Krack! Studio (2012), a studio and gallery focusing on printmaking in Yogyakarta. Other founders are Rudi Hermawan, Sukma Smitha and Australian artist Malcolm Smith. In the same year he was also one of the organisers of LELAGU, an annual art event combining acoustic music and responses with live drawing in Kedai Kebun Gallery, Yogyakarta.

Although he does make solitary prints, drawings, theatre performance and murals, most of his works are series of comic strip silk-screen prints of certain situations. A satirical story telling not always necessarily as criticism but to shine light to the complexity of the matters.

In his works, Moki refers to historical events and myths to approach the issues. He depicts distinctive figures identified from footmen, soldiers to courtiers of the Jogja Kraton (the sultan’s palace) and people wearing everyday’s clothes looking like peasants, placed in a contemporary scene mixed with traditional or symbolic attributes from the glorious past. The whole scene is a metaphor of the hierarchical and sometimes strained relationship between the ruler(s) or people in power and the regular people.

Moki has participated in numerous group national and international exhibitions. He has also been an long and active member of multidisciplinary PUNKASILA art project, initiated by Danius Kesminas, which has performed in Indonesia, Australia, Lithuania and Cuba.


Printmaking at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta (Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta, ISI Yogyakarta)

Artworks by Prihatmoko Moki

Artist Bio

Artist Residency

Europalia Art Festival, Brussels, Belgium

ZeroStation, Saigon, Vietnam

Megalo Print Studio, Canberra, Australia


ID Politics Series (1-10 editions) by The National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia  See the works here

Solo Exhibition

Complex Terrors, Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta

Prajurit Kalah Tanpa Raja, Kebun Bibi, Yogyakarta

Forget Me Not, solo exhibition, Krack! studio & Gallery, Yogyakarta

Mukamalas silkscreen, solo exhibition, LIR space, Yogyakarta

KW2, solo exhibition, Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta

Melancholic Ego In The Colorfull Song Of Agony, solo exhibition, Srisasanti, Jakarta

Mukamalas Hobby Studio, IVAA, Yogyakarta

Ufo In My Room, Via Via café, Yogyakarta


Winner (Silver) of Painting of the Year UOB (Established Artist Category)

Finalist Indonesia Art Award, (memadukan gambar clear line, teknik tuturan wayang beber, penyajian yang efektif)

Finalist Redbase Young Artist Award


curating an exhibition WIRAMA, Sonobudoyo, Festival Kebudayaan Yogyakarta
PUNKASILA Rough machine soft power, perform at Monazona, Klaipeda, Lithuania.
PUNKASILA Rough machine soft power, perform at IDF, Jakarta, Indonesia.

PUNKASILA the lepidopters, perform at WTF Power House, Brisbane, Australia

PUNKASILA the lepidopters, perform at Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
PUNKASILA Rough machine soft power, exhibition and perform at Biennale Jogja, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

PUNKASILA exhibition and perform at Monash university, Melbourne, Australia

PUNKASILA Decima biennale Havana, Cuba

PUNKASILA closing exhibition Asia Pasific Triennial, Gallery Of Modern Art, Australia
PUNKASILA exhibition and cd launch at Darren Knight Gallery, Sidney, Australia

Documentation (YouTube)

Kyai Samudana (Dongeng Prajurit) theater performances, 2018

Mural ‘Prajurit Kalah Tanpa Raja’ – Redbase Foundation Yogyakarta Indonesia

Mural ‘Prajurit Kalah Tanpa Raja’ Kebun Bibi Yogyakarta Indonesia

Group Exhibition

Primbon Betaljemur Adammakna, within ArtJog MMXXI: Arts in Common – Time (to) wonder, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Gapura Buwana, with GEGERBOYO, Cemeti Institute for Art and Society, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Jagad Rusak, with GEGERBOYO, Elisabeth Jones Art Center, Portland, USA

Indonesia Calling, 16 Albermarle Project Space, Australia
There’s no place like, at Yavuz Gallery, Singapore
Artcare, within ArtJog, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Exhibition #1 Three artists from Indonesia, 16 Albermarle project space, Australia
Gapura Buwana, with GEGERBOYO, Biennale Jogja, Yogyakarta Indonesia
Kartu Liar, duo exhibition with Rudi Hermawan , artotel, Semarang, Indonesia
Krackatorium, Chongqing, China
Sangkan Paraning Dumadi, with GEGERBOYO, Exposure event, Yogyakarta Indonesia
100% IN, with GEGERBOYO, Mandala Krida, Yogyakarta Indonesia
Graffiti & Mural Jamming, with GEGERBOYO, Umbul Brintik, Klaten Indonesia

Tan Hana Dharma Mangrwa, with GEGERBOYO Red Base Foundation, Yogyakarta Indonesia
Mural Watugilang, mural art project in Ngayogjazz, Yogyakarta
Manifesto 6.0, Multipolar, Galeri Nasional, Jakarta Indonesia
Dunia Komik, Galeri Nasional, Jakarta Indonesia
Framer Framed, lJpromenade 2, Amsterdam
Keep The Fire On, Survive garage, Yogyakarta
Mural Karmawibhangga, mural art project with GEGERBOYO, Kebun Bibi, Yogyakarta
Yogyakarta Indonesa Art Award, Galeri Nasional Indonesia

Thinking through craft, Galeri Lorong, Indonesia.
Prajurit Kalah Tanpa Raja, comic and mural presentation, Brussels, Belgium.
Pekan Seni Grafis Yogyakarta, printmaking exhibition, JNM, Yogyakarta
Mural Pancasila, mural art project with GEGERBOYO, Kridosono, Yogyakarta
Jogja Editions, printmaking exhibition, runs by Miracle prints Art shop & Studio, Sangkring, Yogyakarta
Resistance is Futile, Krack studio, Yogyakarta
Back To The Future #4, a visual exhibition, Ace House, Yogyakarta
Keep The Fire On, Survive garage, Yogyakarta
Acemart, Ace House, Yogyakarta
Terra Incognita, a visual exhibition, Arcolabs, Jakarta
Sejeblog Neighborhood streetart, mural art project, Jeblog, Yogyakarta
maFest, mural art project, Mantrijeron, Yogyakarta
Unfolded Vietnam – Indonesia, mural art project, Prawirotaman, Yogyakarta
Beyond Prawirotaman, visual exhibition, Via via café, Yogyakarta
Friends of TPS, printmaking exhibition, Miracle prints Art shop & Studio, Yogyakarta

Prajurit Kalah tanpa Raja, mural art project, Prawirotaman, Yogyakarta
Redbase Young Artist Award, a visual exhibition, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta
Prajurit Kalah tanpa Raja, visual exhibition, Red Base Foundation, Sewon, Yogyakarta
Prajurit Kalah tanpa Raja, mural art project, Minggiran, Yogyakarta
Print Parade #2, studio Grafis Minggiran”, Grafis Minggiran, Yogyakarta
Jogjakarta International Miniprint Biennale, a printmaking exhibition, Sangkring, Yogyakarta
Keep The Fire On, Survive garage, Yogyakarta
Obat Kuat, a video exhibition with GEMATI, Krack! Studio, Yogyakarta

Out Of Joint, a printmaking exhibition curated by Roy Voragen, dia.lo.gue artspace, Jakarta
Rough Machine Soft Power with PUNKASILA & Slave Pianos, Biennale Jogja XIII, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
IN RESIDENCE 14 Group exhibition with artist in residency during 2014 in Megalo, Megalo print studio, Canberra, Australia
Salon Krack Krack-an, Krack studio, Yogyakarta
The Krackatorium, Krack studio, Yogyakarta
FSTVLST, launch FSTVLST album, PKKH, Yogyakarta

Art Print Asia, news agency gallery, Sidney, Australia
4A, Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sidney, Australia
Neo Iconoclast, Langgeng, Magelang
Merayakan agar agar, DGTMB shop, Yogyakarta
Tanah Impian, Liberia Bodoni, Torino, Italy
Tanah Impian, FCAC, Footscray, Melbourne, Australia
Tanah Impian, Krack studio, Yogyakarta
Exquisite Corpatallation, ace house , Yogyakarta

Print Parade #1, studio Grafis Minggiran”, Grafis Minggiran, Yogyakarta
Krack 3D, Krack studio, Yogyakarta
Pameran Perdana, Krack! Studio, Yogyakarta

Jogja Agro Pop, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, LAF, Yogyakarta
Serangan Nyamuk, A Collaboration Drama Comical, Mulyakarya with local people, Desa Minggiran Yogyakarta 2011

Mengintip Laut (Brest festival), Lembaga Indonesia Perancis, Yogyakarta

ASYAFF (Asian Student and Young Artist Art Fair), with Art Seasons Gallery, Seoul (old) Train Station, Korea
Decima bienal Havana, comic exhibition, Cuba

Havana Affair, One Gallery, Jakarta
Happening Kota Komik!, Kedai Kebun, Yogyakarta
Rumor of Tatang S, IVAA hobby studio, Yogyakarta
Hello Print, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta
Grafis Indonesia Sekarang, Tembi Contemporary, Yogyakarta
Jawa Baru, Srisasanti, Yogyakarta

Shadows of Prambanan, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta
Punkasila, comic exhibition, Darren Knight Gallery, Sidney, Australia
Punkasila, comic exhibition, Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta

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Nguyễn Dinh Vu

Nguyễn Dinh Vu

Vietnamese painting is mainly a twentieth century phenomenon. In contrast to other Asian countries, Vietnamese artists in the feudal period did not practise the art of painting, but devoted themselves to sculpture and the decoration of temples and pagodas. At the end of the nineteenth century, the French introduced the technique of oil-painting to Vietnam and in 1925 they established the ‘Ecole des Beaux-Art l’Indochine’ in Hanoi. This marks the beginnings of a professional class of painters, who painted ‘after nature’ in a realistic and impressionistic style.

After the war against France, the separation of North and South Vietnam in 1954, followed by the war between the North and the South, the artists followed completely different courses. The artists from the North (under influence of the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China) turned in the direction of the social-realistic stream, while the southern artists embraced western trends, influenced by the presence of the Americans. Nevertheless, neither the influences was decisive in the development of Vietnamese Modern Art.

Despite the “Doi Moi”, Vietnam’s Perestroika – which allowed contemporary Vietnamese artists more freedom, was introduced in 1986, most of the artists did not direct their attention to the (western) preoccupation with changing of the frontiers of Vietnamese art. Combining traditional methods on modern materials like lacquer on wood, using (traditional) motifs and techniques, the younger generation of Vietnamese artists have gone throught a revival of the use of traditional elements in stead, involving different forms of arts, such as installation, performance and video art.

Nguyen Dinh Vu combines materials as metaphor for the layers of history. Old newspaper often forms a second base on his canvas. The figures in blue and white have resemblance with the antique Chinese porcelain. His famous metaphoric man in suits with golden box head surrounded by Chinese/Vietnamese motifs slowly make room for more impasto* abstract works.

In fine art, the Italian word ‘Impasto’ (dough or paste) denotes a painting technique in which undiluted paint is applied so thickly (like toothpaste) onto the canvas or panel (often with a palette knife) that it stands out from the surface.

1980 in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam
Lives and works in Hanoi

Vietnam University of Fine Arts (2013)

Artworks by Nguyen Dinh Vu

Artist Bio

Solo exhibitions

“Box it up” at Agallery Hongkong

Group exhibitions

NordArt 2021, Museum of Modern Art in Büdelsdorf, Germany

KunstRAI, Amsterdam – Gallery Lukisan
Vietnam – Korea, at 16 Ngo Quyen, Hanoi
The Confounding Miasma of Being at Altro Mondo, Arte Contemporanea, The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences, Makati City, Philippines
First Art Fair Amsterdam – Gallery Lukisan

“The Language of the Images: Hungarian – Vietnamese contemporary painting exhibition” at Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum
Contemporary Art Ruhr, Essen, Germany – Gallery Lukisan
Under the broad umbrella at Kaida contemporary, Quezon city Philippines
NordArt 2018, Museum of Modern Art in Büdelsdorf, Germany

Vietnam Contemporary Art Exhibition in Thailand
NordArt 2017, Museum of Modern Art in Büdelsdorf, Germany

Korea-Vietnam, Gwangju Museum of Art, Geumnamno Gallery, Korea
NordArt 2016, Museum of Modern Art in Büdelsdorf, Germany
“Turning point II”, Veintiane, Laos
“Dialogues” Goethe-Institut Ha Noi, 56-58-60 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ha Noi, Vietnam

Vietnam fine art exhibition, 2 Hoa Lu, Van Ho, Ha Noi, Vietnam
“We open” Viet Nam fine Arts Museum, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi, Vietnam
“3 dinh 1 roi ” Viet Nam fine Arts Museum, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi, Vietnam

Embassy of Denmark, 19 Dien Bien Phu, Ha Noi, Vietnam
Festival art young 2014, Hanoi university of fine art, Ha Noi, Vietnam
Embassy of Germany in Vietnam, 29 Tran Phu, Ha Noi, Vietnam

Davines Art Series at Royal City, 72A Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi, Vietnam
The Dogma prize in self-portraiture 2013 at the fine arts Museum, HCM City, Vietnam

“Dai gia Viet Nam”, 16 Ngo Quyen, Ha Noi, Vietnam
The 3rd Bangkok Triennale International, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok, Thailand
Top Art Gallery, Meta House, K’nyay Restaurant & Bar, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
The 5th Beijing International Art Biennale, China

“Sale Off”, 16 Ngo Quyen, Ha Noi, Vietnam

“1000 years of Thang Long Hanoi” of young Artist Club, 16 Ngo Quyen, Hanoi, Vietnam
“suburb” of the young Artist Club, 16 Ngo Quyen, Hanoi, Vietnam
“Remove” in the center Vietart Centre, 42 Yet Kieu, Hanoi, Vietnam
“One Day”, 36 Dien Bien Phu, Hanoi, Vietnam

“Dong tong” of young Artist Club, 16 Ngo Quyen, Hanoi, Vietnam

“Vong khuc”, 31A Van Mieu, Ha Noi, Vietnam

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Herlambang Bayu Aji

Herlambang Bayu Aji

Herlambang Bayu Aji is originally from Indonesia, but works and lives since 2010 in Berlin, Germany. He works with various techniques and art genres such as shadow puppets, paintings, education art, installation and graphic art. 

Herlambang Bayu Aji developed a strong interest in the traditional Indonesian shadow puppet theatre. Shadow puppet performance, also known as shadow puppetry or shadow play, is an ancient form of storytelling and entertainment, found from as far as to the West as Turkey and all over Asia. The narratives and these performances are often humorous and entertaining, and can be regarded as a kind of societal-critical cabaret.

Next to art exhibitions, the artist also uses his storytelling and performance skills on various art workshops and theater performances, as entertainment as well as education for children and adults, many times in collaboration with other artists.

Since 2016 he is working on a series of works titled Animalgination. The title is rooted in the two words “animal” and “imagination”, and as such is the output of his plays and imagination of new animals which do not exist in real life. 

The artist believes that everything is changing. The climate is changing and sooner or later forcing nature to change as well. The gobal warming threatens plants, land creatures and aquatic animals with extinction and pushes the environment to adapt those changes in many ways. Unusual attitudes of animals, awaking small plants or microorganisms in the land which have been covered by ice for thousands of years and even mutated viruses.

Animalgination provides the opportunity to create fictional forms of animals, like an elephant with a rabbit’s body and a crocodile’s tail, a flying cow with butterfly wings and a mackerel’s head, or a pig with an eel’s tail. The series symbolises, that every single person is changing during their life. These changes influence the people around that person and in turn is influenced by them as well. There are no absolute criteria to define identities, as identities are fluid and interdependent.

Animalgination is executed in linocut using oil paints on paper, painting with acrylic on canvas and an installation of paintings, papercuts, paper mâché, sounds and various natural materials.

21 May, 1982 in Solo/Surakarta, Indonesia

Master of Arts, Institute for Art in Context, University of Arts, Berlin
Bachelor of Arts, Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta 

Artworks by Herlambang Bayu Aji

Artist Bio


Work scholarship Sonderprogramm der Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.

Scholarship Beasiswa Unggulan P3SWOT Award from the Indonesian Ministery of Education.

Solo Exhibition

“Tierisch gut!” – at Kakadu, Berlin.
“AN_IMA(L)GINATION” Cafe Kraft, Berlin.

Schattenpuppen Ausstellung “Wayang Rajakaya” at the Projektraum Art.endart, Berlin.

“Wayang Rajakaya – Contemporary Shadow Puppets” at the Erstererster Gallery, Berlin.
“Wayang Rajakaya is here” at the Fincan/Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e.V. , Berlin.

“Mencari Seorang Raja” 13rd -17th of September, in Kedai Kopi, Surakarta, Indonesia.

“Herlambang Bayu Aji” at the Seniorenresidenz Martinsbrunnen, Dornbirn, Austria.

“Sebuah Tafsir Seni Kontemporer”, V Art Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Group Exhibition

Paper Matters, Gallery Lukisan, Bergen op Zoom

Wayang play using puppets of Wayang Rajakaya and of the Ghent University Museum´s collection. The documentation is displayed in the permanent exhibition of Ghent University Museum, Belgium.

The London Book Fair 2019, at the Asian House, London, UK.

“Wir! Eine Welt Gemeinschaft?”, FHXB Museum, Berlin, curated by nohow collective.
“An_ima(l)gination. Curated by Camilla Kussl. art.endart, Drontheimer Str. 2-23, Berlin.
“Mitmachstadt Bernau”, participative art project initiated by Claudia Hummel at “Kontext Labor Bernau”, 21st of Juny until 13th of September in Heeresbekleidungsamt, Bernau bei Berlin.

“Taisersdorf lebt”, Taisersdorf, Owingen, Germany with a painting “Weltkarte Internationales Berlin, an interactive art work “Gegen das Vergessen” and Poster “ Wir dürfen überall wohnen, weil die Erde uns allen gehört.

Guruku –Mein Lehrer, art education project with children from Heinrich Zille Grundschule in the context of the exhibition “Tagore’s Post Office”, NGBK, Berlin.

“Rundgang”, University of Arts, Berlin with the poster “Wir dürfen überall wohnen, weil die Erde uns allen gehört“ and Video art “Der Reis, du und ich in Berlin”.

“The Roma Image Studio”, Galerie im Saalbau, Berlin. Auf der Suche nach Raum X für Schattenpuppentheater, January in Nürtingen Grundschule, Kreuzberg, Berlin. An educative art Project. The children created their own puppets and story and performed for their school.
“Desiderata”, Berlin. Installation, shadow puppets, linocuts, paintings.

“Kunsträume Taisersdorf”, Taisersdorf, Owingen, Germany. Linocuts.

Indonesian Art Award, Indonesian’s National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.
“Menilik Akar”, Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta with “Perjalanan Hidup”, nstallation, 10 painted wood boxes, silkscreen prints on fiber glass, lamps, oil lamp, hoe.

“Kunst am laufenden Meter”, Skulpturenpfad Herdwangen – Schönach, Germany. Drei Waldhüter – four meters high painted figures of wood.

“Neo Nation” Biennale Jogja IX, at the Sangkring Art Space, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Wayang Rajakaya in urban version – Installation, 10 painted wood boxes , cloths, straw, lamps and 10 shadow puppets of paper and bamboo.

“Pekan Seni”, Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah, Surakarta, Indonesia. Wayang Rajakaya – Installation, 40 shadow puppets of paper and bamboo, screen, video, straw.
“Klang und Eisen”, Owingen, Germany. 14 paintings, oil on canvas.

“All Out”, Balai Soedjatmoko, Surakarta, Indonesia. 2 paintings, oil on canvas.
“Aku bermain maka aku ada”, Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia. 1 painting, oil on canvas.

“Seni Rupa” at the Galeri Seni Rupa, University of Sebelas Maret, Surakarta, Indonesia. 3 paintings, oil on canvas.
“Gulaklapa – Dies-Count 0,00%”, at Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah, Surakarta, Indonesia. 1 painting, Mixed Media. Makan tiada henti – Installation, table, chairs, plate, paper, price labels, Fotos
Trap zone – installation, betony, nails, and paper.

“Dasar Kita”, April in Fine Art Gallery, University of Sebelas Maret, Surakarta, Indonesia. 3 Paintings, Acrylic on paper.

Performances and collaboration projects

“Die Kuh”, Theater der kleinen Form, Berlin.

“Die Kuh”, Brot für die Welt, Berlin.
The adventures of the Cow, Karakulit Shadow Puppet Festival, Hungary.

Collaborating Balinese Gender Wayang with contemporary shadow puppetry, SOAS, University of London at Gamelan Composers Forum 2016.

“Sindbad der Lastträger”, at the Projektraum art.endart, Berlin, with Laleh Torabi and Camilla Kussl.
“Sinbad, der Lastträger” , with Laleh Torabi and Camilla Kussl, Linden Museum, Stuttgart.

“Jamakakarta – The land of Apes”, participates art project with a group of adults from Aliansi Peduli KBRI Jerman and Watch Indonesia! at the Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, Berlin.
“The Adventure of a Cow” wiith Dorothea Ferber in Tong Tong Fair, The Hague, The Netherlands.

“Ich bin kein Froschkönig” collaboration with Laleh Torabi and Camilla Kussl, in Galerie Erstererster, Berlin.
“Kunst im Komplex” with Camilla Kussl, in the Schönstedtstraße 7, Neukölln, Berlin.
“Enjoy My Berlin” collaboration project in ”Archex12” with Dorothea Ferber and Camilla Kussl, Bodensee.

“The Demise of Free Speech” with Dorothea Ferber and Indonesian reporters from Radio Nederland Wereldomroep, Hilversum, The Netherlands.
“Ich bin kein Froschkönig” collaboration with Laleh Torabi and Camilla Kussl, in Galerie Erstererster, Berlin.
“Wayang Barat”, collaboration project in the frame of „Nächte des Ramadan” with 17 Hippies and Aris Daryono, in Pergamon Museum, Berlin.

“Meet in Berlin and Jakarta’s Aliens in Berlin”, collaborations projects followed „Jakarta Berlin Arts Festival” with PM Toh, in Schaubude and Märchenhütte, Berlin.
“Die Kuh”, in “ID Indonesian Contemporary Art” at the Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin.

“The Adventure of a Cow”, 5th Indonesian Performance Art Mart (IPAM) with musicians Ngadimin, Sri Waluyo, Cawati, Joko, Sigit and Kukuh, Teater Besar ISI (Indonesian Art Institute) Surakarta.
“Sapi Mbalelo”, Slamet Riyadi Street, in Surakarta, Indonesia with Ngadimin, Sri Waluyo and Kukuh.

“Die Kuh und Der Befreiung der Tiere Tour 2008” with Dorothea Ferber, Baden – Württemberg.

“The Adventure of a Cow”, V Art gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, with Ngadimin und Jantit.
“Die Kuh und Der Befreiung der Tiere Tour 2007”, with musicians Dorothea Ferber, Baden – Württemberg.
“Sapi Mbalelo”, with musicians Ngadimin and Surakarta’s Scooter Club followed “Wayang on the street”, Surakarta, Indonesia.

“Astaga” with Dorothea Ferber and Agus Purwantoro, in Pringapus, Magelang, Indonesia.
“Die Kuh”, with musicians Dorothea Ferber, in Mojosongo, Surakarta, Indonesia.
“Die Kuh”, with Dorothea Ferber, Germany und The Netherlands.

“Angel” Performance, Surakarta, Indonesia.
“Hans Im Glück”, intercultural Theaterproject with KEJAR Street Art Community and Eurythmiemobil, in Surakarta and Makassar, Indonesia.
“Shoperman”, video performance, in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany.
“MbanyuMili”, Tanztheater mit KEJAR Street Art Community, Germany and Switzerland.

“Indonesia Be-Shining”, art action with Jrabang Slamet, Aga Sampurna, and Jabrik, Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, Bali, Indonesia.
“Super-Ngen”, Installation and Performance, in Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah, Surakarta, Indonesia.

Art Education works

2018 – now
Regularly educational art work with Prinzen Akademie, Berlin for kids.

2004- now
Regularly workshops for Youth Art School, Atrium Jugendkunstschule, Berlin.
Invited in events, festivals and program in divers institutions for giving workshop and art education.

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Ayu Arista Murti

Ayu Arista Murti

Ayu Arista Murti is one of the few female artists in Indonesia. Her works evolve around the theme of love and harmony among living organisms. “Nature, in all of her aspects, is beautiful”.

In her creative process to achieve an art work, the intellectual thoughts as well as natural processes are equally important. She absorbs things from different sources and let herself inspired by manga comics, but also writings and books.

Ayu Arista Murti intentionally chooses different environment and weather conditions in and around her studio to allow nature directly influence the result of her works. The elements like sun rays, wind or breeze, damp or water, dust or dirt should make an integral part of the end result. Working with many kinds of media at the same time, Ayu will sometimes work under the glaring tropical sun to allow the paint to dry quickly. She will then bring the painting to a more shadowed area to allow strongly diluted paint to spread and dry its transparent layer on the canvas. And these will later on be coloured and modified with soft pastel, charcoal, dust or dirt. And a piece of cloth, metal or wire will later be applied.

Ayu’s concerns about the genetic manipulation culminated in the Cloning Series, in the (resin) sculptures, paintings and drawings. However, her positive approach still shows the Deformed organisms in their beauty in stead.

14 December, 1979, in Surabaya, East-Java, Indonesia

2004 – Graduated from Indonesian Fine Arts Institute (ISI), Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Artworks by Ayu Arista Murti

Artist Bio

Solo Exhibition


Remembering Garden of Epicurus, Artotel, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Flowing with The Water, Ark Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Solo Exhibition, Wada Gallery, Tokyo, Japan


Cloning Garden, Valentine Willie Fine Art, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Cloning Garden, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta Art District, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia


Rhyme of Lines, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia


Sweet Bitter Sour, 24HR ART Gallery, Darwin, Australia


Metafora Metamorfosa, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

Art Project

Knyt Somnia “Genesis of Terror”, Exhibition and workshop PE. Biennale Jogja XII

Art Director of Monolog Sungai (The River Monologue), A Solo by Project Erythrina Baskorowati, Teater Garasi, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Top 5 of Indonesian Art Awards by Phillip Morris Company and YSRI, Indonesia
Finalist South East Asean Art Awards by Phillip Morris Company

Best Artwork, Dies Natalis Indonesian Institute of Art, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Total Indonesia Award from YSRI and Total Company

The Best Drawing Sketch from Indonesian Institute of Art, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The Best Water Color and Sketch from Indonesian Institute of Art, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The Best Encounter of Two Millennial Country Peru – Indonesia, Embassy of Peru, Jakarta, Indonesia

Group Exhibitions


Group Exhibition DSMHHPP – Gallery Lukisan


Affordable Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium
First Art Fair, Amsterdam


The Primacy of Seeing, Semarang Galeri
KunstRAI, Gallery Lukisan, Amsterdam
ArtStage Singapore, Gajah Gallery, Marina Bay, Singapore
Form of Diversity, REDBASE, Yogyakarta
Medium Play, Gajah Gallery, Yogyakarta
Yogya Annual Art #3, Positioning, Sangkring, Yogyakarta
Auckland Art Fair, The Cloud, Auckland, New Zealand
Seyogyanya, Tenggara Group exhibition, Jogja Galeri, Yogyakarta


Kembulan, Studio Kalahan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Open Studio, Gajah Gallery, Yogyakarta
Lost and Found, Art Merdeka, Bumbon #3, Pararel Biennalle, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Yogya Annual Art #2, Sangkring, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Turbulance, by Martel, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Hanoi march connection, Art Exhibition and Workshop, by Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts and Asia Art Link, Hanoi, Vietnam
Bumbon #2, Sangkring, Yogyakarta 2016 – ArtStage 2016, Marina Bay, Singapore
Equilibrio, Artemis gallery, Kuala Lumpur
Equilibrio, China house, Penang, Malaysia
Kecil Itu Indah, Edwin’s Gallery & Bazaar Art Jakarta – Print Parade, Grafis Minggiran, Yogyakarta


Dystopia 1000 pulau, Cata Odata, Bali, Indonesia
Bazaar Art, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Polychromatic, Green host Hotel, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Socio Landscape – Indonesia & Cambodia Artist, National Museum, Cambodia
Communicating In Art Making Today, Edwins Gallery, Jakarta , Indonesia – ReDraw, Edwins Gallery, Jakarta, – KIAF, Coex, Seoul, South Korea
Bazaar Art , Jakarta , Indonesia
Indonesia – Thailand Artist, Bentara Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Iconoclast, Langgeng Gallery, Magelang, Indonesia
Manifesto #4 : Keseharian : Mencandra Tanda Masa, Galeri Nasional, Jakarta, Indonesia
ArtJog 14, Legacies of Power, Cultural Park/Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Parallel Event Biennale Jogja XII, Knyt Somnia – Genesis Of Terror, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Bazaar Art ++, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Homoludens 4, Bentara Budaya, Denpasar, Bali


Unforgettable, Exhibition Hall, Jakarta Art District, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
Vertigo, The Indonesian Ugliness, Ode To Art, Singapore
The Winner’s Creation, Indonesian Arts Award, Galeri Nasional, Jakarta, Indonesia
Beauty Case, Jakarta Art District, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
Jakarta Biennale #14, Jakarta, Indonesia
Lintas, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Bazaar Art Jakarta, Ritz Carlton, Pacific Place, Jakarta, Indonesia The Everyday Fantastic, S. Bin Art Plus, Singapore
Art Stage Singapore, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Survey #1.10, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Dua Kota Dua Cerita, Semarang Gallery, Semarang, Indonesia

2011 – 2010

Latitudes in Transit, A collective sample of Mexican and Indonesian women artists, Embassy of Mexico, Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
Perversion, Pure Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia


Jogja Jamming Biennale X Yogyakarta, Sangkring Art Space,Yogyakarta Indonesia
Palais Project – Palais Breuner, Singerstraβe 16,A – 1010, Vienna, Austria


The Highlight: dari Medium ke Transmedia, FSR ISI, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Arttriangle, Soka Gakkai Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
KOMPAS Daily’s Short Story Illustration, Gallery Soemardja, Bandung,


Indonesian Contemporary, 1918 ArtSpace, Collaboration with Edwin’s Gallery, Shanghai, China
KOMPAS Daily’s Short Story Illustration, Orasis Gallery, Surabaya, Indonesia
KOMPAS Daily’s Short Story Illustration, Bentara Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
KOMPAS Daily’s Short Story Illustration, Bentara Budaya, Jakarta, Indonesia
Boys and Girl, IVAA Book Aid Vol. 2, Edwin Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Manifesto, Galeri National Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
A New Force of South East Asia: Group Exhibitions of Indonesian
Contemporary Artists, Asia Art Centre, Collaboration with Edwin’s Gallery, Beijing, China
Beyond Cartoon, Beyond Art Space, Beijing, China
Survey, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Renjana, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Conscience Celebrate-September Art Events, Fine Art Exhibition, organized by Edwin’s Gallery, Gandaria City, Jakarta, Indonesia


Young Arrow, Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Metafora Metamorfosa 2, Puri Art Gallery, Malang, Indonesia – Jakarta Biennale, Jakarta, Indonesia


Fragments – KII 13, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
21st and Beyond – Personality and Variance -, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Small World, Vanessa Art House, Jakarta, Indonesia
Equatorial Heat, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Jejak-Jejak Drawing, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Tanda Kasih, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Art for Aceh, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Equatorial Heat, Sichuan Museum, Collaboration withEdwin’s Gallery, China
Bingkai Narasi Kecil, KII 12, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Asean Art Awards, Ancient Roots: Modern Bridges, National Art Gallery, Thailand
Mager Nusantara, Yogya – Kuala Lumpur, Galeri Pitoe, Rumah Djoko Pekik, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Group Exhibition, Indonesia National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Persepsi dalam Vibrasi, Drawing Exhibition, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia 2003 – Indonesian Art Award, by Phillp Morris, Jakarta, Indonesia
Kecil itu Indah 11, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Girl Talk, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
The Third of Indonesia Art Festival, Balai Pemuda, Surabaya, Indonesia – Kria ISI 2003, National Museum, Jakarta, Indonesia


Sepiring Indonesia, Gelaran Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Metropolitan, Museum Benteng Vredeburg, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Kata Rupa, Gelaran Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Age-hibition, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Jeruk Polkadot, with Kanae Asada and Rahma Dewi, Dusun Jogya Village, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Bersatu dalam Rasa, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia


Kecil itu Indah 9, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Her Story, Gelaran Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Gelart , Report from Yogyakarta, Gelaran Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Yogyakarta Art Festival (FKY), Museum Benteng Vredeburg, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Art Workshop, STIE Koewera , Malang, Indonesia
Gelar Karya Perempuan, Museum Benteng Vredeburg, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Group Exhibition with Yogyakarta Young Artists, Purna Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Group Exhibition with Kelompok Lepas, Purna Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Pratisara Affandi Adi Karya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Bias Kuntum Saraswati, Museum Affandi, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Indonesia Art Festival, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Encounter of Two Millennial Country Peru – Indonesia, World Trade Center, Jakarta, Indonesia


Group Exhibition, Foundation of Catholic Education, Jakarta, Indonesia

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Soni Irawan

Soni Irawan

As an artist with a formal art education and as a musician, (he was one of the founders of Yogyakarta experimental band Seek Six Sick), Soni Irawan has different approach to create his artworks.

His art is greatly influenced by the spirit and energy of rock music, but also his printmaking background, especially in the creation of woodcut prints. His paintings on canvas or wood pieces are filled with spontaneous brush strokes and have sketchy street-art appearance. The subject matters are however largely personal, revolve around his family, his social environment and an effort to capture the spirit of human survival in everyday life.

Rather than painting a depth impression of gradual colour changes or shadows, he uses main and unmixed colours for his objects, that are laid over each other in a free composition. The roughness of the lines of these subjects and forms are inherent to his expressive primitivism woodcut prints. Unlike the relatively more free handpainting, and inherent to the process of the making of woodcut prints, the artist needs not only to think about the image but also how to build up the image using the different wood carved blocks for different colouring etc to achieve the images as an artwork entity.

15 January 1975, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Visual Art Faculty, Fine Art Department, Printmaking, Indonesian Fine Arts Institute (ISI), Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Artworks by Soni Irawan

Artist Bio

Solo Exhibition

“Nothing Perfect Noise”, D’Gallerie, Jakarta, Indonesia
“From Zero To Zorro”, Wallworks Gallerie, Paris, France

“Psychedelic Jungle”, Lasaai, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

“Mellow Yellow”, Kendra Gallery, Bali, Indonesia

“You and Me and Everyone We Know”, Vivi Yip Art Room, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Ode to Permata Unguku”, Semarang Gallery, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

Commission Works

Mural at GO-JEK Headquarter Office, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Life Must Grow”, guitar installation for Prambanan Jazz Festival, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Table set design for Art Charity Jantung Sehat, Art Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

Artotel Project – 8th floor, Artotel Hotel, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Mural at IFI, Jakarta, Indonesia
Mural at Yello Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia


Phillip Morris ASEAN Art Award finalist
Best Five Phillip Morris Indonesian Art Award

Best Graphis “Refleksi Zaman”


“Jogja Agro Pop”, Langgeng Art Foundation

“INDONESIAN EYE”, Contemporary Indonesian Art, Skira Publisher


Street art workshop for 3 days at La Lucciola Cultural Center, La Fere, France

“Off The Wall”, Graffiti workshop at LycéeFrançais Louis-CharlesDamais, Jakarta
Stencils workshop at Tumbuh Primary School, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Shoes Painting workshop at Tumbuh Primary School, Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Coloring etching with Red Point & Eva Pietzkers

Group Exhibition


Affordable Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium
First Art Fair, Amsterdam

“Java Art Energy”, Institut des Culture d’Islam, Paris, France
ART JAKARTA, with Column Gallery (Korea), Ritz Carlton, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Enlightment” ARTJOG XI, Jogja National Museum, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
“Pick Season”, Simply Life with Bazaar Art, Hotel Melia Purosani, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Indonesia Connecting The World”, Spring meeting IMF-WBG, World Bank Headquarter, Washington DC

Estrellas, Art Serpong, Jakarta, Indonesia
Art Stage Jakarta, Sheraton Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Off The Wall”, Allcaps Gallery, Gandaria City, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pekan Seni Grafis Yogyakarta, Jogja National Museum, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
“Changing Perspective”, ArtJog X, Jogja National Museum, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
“Bright Side”, Natan Art Space, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
“Faces Of Life”, Artsphere, Artotel, Jakarta, Indonesia
“ART STAGE Singapore”,Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

“DUPLEX”, Natan Art Space, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Bazaar Art Fair, Ritz Carlton Ballroom, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Off The Wall”, D Gallerie, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Universal Influence”, ArtJog 9, Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Commision work, Jackman Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
“Galactic Highway”, duo exhibition, Vallette Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Bazaar art fair, Ritz Carlton Ballroom, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Polychromatics”, drawing exhibition, Green Host, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Yogyakarta Open Studio (YOS), GrafisMinggiran, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
“Villette Street Festival”, Parc de la Villette, Paris, France
“DISINTERESTED”, Phillo Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia

“ICONOCLAST”, Langgeng Art Gallery, Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia

“INTERIEUR RUE”, Wallworks Gallery, Paris, France
“HOMOLUDENS 3”, Emmitan CA Gallery, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
“Maritim Culture”, ArtJog 13, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Fund raising Steak Daging Kacang Ijo, MDTL, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“P(L)E(I)SURE PRINCIPLE”, DNA Projects, Sydney, Australia

“Romancing Indonesia”, Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, London, UK
“HOMOLUDENS 2”, Emmitan CA Gallery, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
ArtJog XI”, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“La La Land”, One East Asia Artspace, Singapore
“Jogja Agropop”, Langgeng Gallery, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Jogjakarta, Indonesia

“Finding Me”, Semarang Gallery, Semarang, Indonesia
“Indonesia’s Crouching Tigers and Hidden Dragon” Development of Modern and Contemporary Indonesian Art, Artspace Galleries, Mayfair, London, UK
“Humanimal”, Drawing Exhibition, Sangam House, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
“Locality and Universality”, MAPKL, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“Locality and Universality”, Chandan Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“Homo Luden”, Emitan CA Gallery, Surabaya Indonesia
“Kendra’s 3rd Anniversary”, Kendra Gallery ,Bali, Indonesia
“ArtJog XI”, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Wallworks inaguration”, Wallworks Gallery, Paris, France
“Closing The Gap”, MIFA Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

“Wall Street Art”, Salihara Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Spacing Contemporary” ARTJOG, Taman Budaya Yogya, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
“Being Artpreneurship”. Ciputra Art Center, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Dua Kota Dua Cerita”, Semarang Gallery, Semarang, Indonesia

Biennale Jogja “Jogja Jamming”, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
“Malaysia Art Expo”, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“Bazaar Art Fair”, Ritz Carlton, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Jogja Art Fair” #2, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
“Fundrising Online IVAA archive aid 2009”, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
“We’re Millionaire”, AOD Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia
“In Rainbow”, Esa Sampoerna Art House, Surabaya, Indonesia
“Guru Oemar Bakrie”, Jogja Gallery, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
“HYBRIDIZATION”, North Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia
“STREET – NOISE”, Semarang Gallery, Semarang, Indonesia
“Fresh 4 You”, Jogja Gallery, Jogjakarta, Indonesia

“ Jogja Art Fair” (JAF), Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
“Loro Blonyo Kontemporer”, Oei Hong Djien, Magelang, Indonesia
“Urban Art Fest” Mural Project, Kompas newspaper anniversary, Pantai Karnaval,Ancol, Jakarta, Indonesia
“69 Sexy Nian “, OHD anniversary Jogja Gallery, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
“Komedi Putar “, Jogja Gallery, Jogjakarta, Indonesia

“Fringers Art”, Toi Moi Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Art For Aceh”, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia

“Neo Indies”, Kedai Kebun, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
“GEDEBOOK!!!”, Kedai Kebun Forum, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Mural Exhibition, Duke Distro & Clothing, Bali, Indonesia

Biennale Yogyakarta VII “CountryBution”, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Digital Art Exhibition, Gramedia Bookstore, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
“NOBODY”, Mon Décor Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Age-hibition”, Edwin Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Mural exhibition “Mural Sama-sama” (Apotik komik), Lempuyangan fly over, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Indonesian Graphis Exhibition “Eksplorasi Medium dan Gagasan”, Bentara Budaya, Jakarta, Indonesia
Asean Art Award exhibition, Bali, Indonesia
“Hitam Putih Rasa Strawbery”, Purna Budaya, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Indonesian Art Award exhibition, National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Plus (+) Edisi Khusus”, Gelaran Budaya, Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Mural exhibition, Apotik Komik, Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Graphis exhibition “Kelompok Otak Berbenah”, Lembaga Indonesia Perancis, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Graphis exhibition coloring etching with Red Point & Eva Pietzkers

Indonesian Graphis Exhibition, Cipta Taman Ismail Mardjuki Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Graphis Exhibition Jogjakarta Art Festival (FKY), Benteng Vredeburg, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
“Sebaiknya Pameran “, Graphis Exhibition, ISI Gallery, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Graphis Exhibition FKI I , Benteng Vredeburg, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Sanggar Bidar Sriwijaya, Purna Budaya, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Graphis Exhibition Lustrum III ISI Yogyakarta, Jogjakarta & Bali, Indonesia
Printmaking exhibition Tiga Kota, Yogyakarta, Bandung & Jakarta, Indonesia
“Menjelang Millenium Ketiga, Menuju Indonesia Baru” Graphis Exhibition Bersama Alumnus ASRI, Natour Garuda Hotel, Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Graphis Exhibition “ Refleksi Zaman”, Benteng Vredeburg, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Printmaking exhibition Alugraf with Red Point, ISI Etch Studio Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Graphis Exhibition Jogjakarta Art Festival (FKY), Benteng Vredeburg, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) Dies Natalis, ISI Gallery, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Graphis Exhibition Kelompok MISI Grafis 93, Galleria Mall, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Graphis Exhibition “Dialog Dua Kota”, Cipta Taman Ismail Mardjuki Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Jogjakarta Art Festival (FKY), Bentang Vredeburg , Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Graphis Exhibition Student Visual Art with many artists from Australia, Indonesia
Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) Dies Natalis, Sasana Ajiyasa ISI, Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Multimedia Exhibition with Yogyakarta and Dutch artists, Cemeti, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Agung Kurniawan

Agung Kurniawan

Agung Kurniawan is one of the most important contemporary artists of Indonesia. He is an artist who works with a variety of media. Agung Kurniawan has developed his artistic work within the field of concrete socio-cultural activism; he believes an artist has more and larger social responsibilities than simply producing artistic work. His traditional medium is drawing, but lately he works actively with performance art and videography. Although he works with performance art, he refuses to be called as a performer, and preferred to call himself as the director of the crowds in stead. Both as a studio artist and an art activist, he takes up clear positions and his approach often leads him either down to street level or to intervening in bureaucratic structures.

Agung Kurniawan’s work is reputed to be fairly “coarse” due to themes of violence, controversial politics and taboo subjects. The artist started out with book illustrations, drawings and comics, which offered a harsh, often satirical critique of Indonesian society at that time. With his drawing Happy Victim (1996), depicting people hanging upside down while laughing cheerfully, he won a 1996 Philip Morris Art Award and gained international recognition.

His famous trellis works series started in 2006. The series was inspired by an old family photo album from 1974, consisting of a photo diary of the artist’s mother during the last days of her dying father. Agung tried to recreate the personal as well collective memories by working the panels as a kind of comic book where the trellises are the contours of the figures and the shadows cast the blurred memory.

Agung Kurniawan co-founded “Indonesian Visual Art Archive” (IVAA) and co-owner of Kedai Kebun Forum (KKF) in Yogyakarta. His works are to be found worldwide mostly in museums e.g. Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Van Abbe Museum (Eindhoven, The Netherlands), Singapore Art Museum, as well as in private collection. His recent works include his performance in The Netherlands “Remember Day Parade and after”, during the so-called transHISTORY (Arnhem June 2016) and his video art during the Europalia Festival 2017 (Paleis voor Schone Kunsten / BOZAR / Centre for Fine Art Brussels, Belgium).

Artist’s Statement 2015 (in Bahasa Indonesia, freely translated)

– Tidak ada yang lebih berharga dari seni, kalau ada itupun pasti palsu (Nothing is more truthful than art, if there is any, then it is false)
– Cinta itu sementara, kesepian itu abadi (Love is temporary, Loneliness is forever)
– Kemiskinan adalah ibu tiri seni kontemporer (Poverty is the stepmother of contemporary art)

14 March, 1968 in Jember, Jawa Timur (East Java), Indonesia

Archeology, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (not graduated)
Graphic Art Faculty, Indonesian Fine Arts Institute (ISI), Yogyakarta, Indonesia (not graduated)

Artworks by Agung Kurniawan

Artist Bio

Solo Exhibition

Hanya Kematian Yang Setia Menunggu, performance at Indonesian French Institute (IFI), Yogyakarta

Milik Nggendong Lali (Owning Cradling Forgetting), Richard Koh Gallery, Singapore

Actus Contritionis, Umah Seni @Mentengartspace, Jakarta, Indonesia

The Lines that Remind Me of You, Kendra Gallery, Bali, Indonesia

Budiman Project, ArtiIpol Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Mural Project: Could I entertain you sir, Esplanade, Singapore

Sex, Lies, and Drawing, Goethe Institute, Jakarta, Indonesia

Lick me, please!, Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Lapendos, Centre Culturel Français (CCF) Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Lapendos, Barak Gallery, Bandung, Indonesia

Ironi dan Parodi, Galeri Lontar, Jakarta, Indonesia

Cemeti Contemporary Art Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Cemeti Contemporary Art Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Group Exhibitions

Art on Paper, Gallery Lukisan, Zuiveringshal Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
KunstRAI, Gallery Lukisan, RAI, Amsterdam
Pressing Matters, Framer Framed, Amsterdam

Europalia’s Power and other things, BOZAR Fine Arts Centre, Brussels, Belgium

The Remember Day parade, Sonsbeek 2016, Arnhem, The Netherlands
Public Spirit, Centre of Contemporary Art Ujasdowsky, Poland
Home Project, North Dakota, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Mahabharata project, Dance Performance, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta
Seven Scenes, Indonesian Contemporary art and Design (ICAD), Grand Kemang, Jakarta

Masya Allah Transgenik part 2, performance at Bazaar Art Jakarta 2015, Jakarta
Monuman, Ten Second Monument, Jakarta Biennale, Jakarta

Ten Million Years of Yearning, Sex in Hongkong, Para Site gallery, Hongkong
Passion / Possession, Hongkong Art Center, Hongkong

SIP, Contemporary Indonesian Art, Mathias Ardnt gallery, Singapore
Once Upon a Time, The Collection Now, Van Abbe Museum, The Netherlands
Masya Allah Transgenik, Performance at Jogja Biennale XII, Yogyakata, Indonesia

Penumbrae, at Art Stage Singapore 2012, presented by Umahseni Art Space, Marina Bay Sands,Exhibition and Convention Center, Singapore
Legacy: The Trace of Civilization, Esa Sampoerna Art Museum, Surabaya, Indonesia
Michael Jansen Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Domestic Stuff, Cemeti art house Yogyakarta, Salihara Jakarta
Looking East, Art Jog 2012, Yogyakarta
Gwangju Biennale, Roundtable, Gwangju South Korea, 2012
SIP, Contemporary Indonesian Art, Mathias Arndt Gallery, Berlin

Art Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
New Mythology, Louis Vuitton Gallery, Paris, France
Global Art from 1989 till Now, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany
Beastly, Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Art Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Space & Image, Ciputra World Marketing Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Crossing and Blurring the Boundaries: Medium in Indonesian Contemporary Art, Andi’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Manifesto In the New Aesthetic, ICA, Singapore

Beyond the Dutch, Central Museum Utrecht, The Netherlands
Jogja Art Fair II, Jogjakarta Art Centre, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
The Living Legends, National Gallery Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
Jogja Biennale X, One Minute Mute; Performance Project, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Be(com)ing Dutch “The dutch day Dreaming”, Van Abbe Museum, The Netherlands
The Scale of Black Drawing Exhibition, Valentine Willie Gallery, Singapore
Grafis Hari Ini, Bentara Budaya Jakarta, Indonesia

Art Projects

Proyek Peristiwa Teater: Hanya Kematian yang Setia Menunggu, 15 May 2015 7:30 pm at Auditorium IFI Yogyakarta

Pause: Automatic Drawing Simple and Dangerous, Langgeng Art Foundation, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Work Experiences

2003 – now

Artistic Director of Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2004 – now
The Chairperson of Cemeti Art Foundation, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Artistic Director, Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta

Artistic Director, Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta

Works in Collection

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, The Netherlands,
Heden, Den Haag, The Netherlands
Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
National Art Council, Singapore
Queensland Arts Gallery, Australia
Graphic Atelier Utrecht, The Netherlands
KLM, The Netherlands
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta, Indonesia
Deutsche Bank, Jakarta, Indonesia
Artpoli Gallery,The Netherlands
Nadi Galeri, Jakarta, Indonesia
Oei Hong Djien’s private museum, Indonesia
Loft gallery, Hongkong, Barcelona
Cemeti Art Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Lubricant, Agung Kurniawan, Brigitta Isabella, Farah Wardani, Umah Seni, Jakarta

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Ida Bagus Putu Purwa

Ida Bagus Putu Purwa

Ida Bagus Putu Purwa’s (or shortly Purwa) concept of art works is his continuous search of freedom. His paintings speak about human bodies in a true search and longing for freedom, realising that human existence or ones’ due rights was given to them since birth.

Although the subjects in the paintings sometime take different shape or posture, they are in fact an expression of himself. For this reason the figures are embodiments of the artist himself. His works are expression of this quest to freedom and a reflection of the suffering of this urge to realise his dream.

Wearing mask or face painted to hide agony, jumping high or almost disappear to the side while running, the figures move till the edge of the canvas (or paper) as if they are looking to break out of the frame, looking for freedom outside their confined edges. Inspired by the traditional Balinese dance, the figures appear to dance with vigorous movements, expressing anger and frustration. Sometime those figures stand precariously close to the edge of an imaginary cliff with unknown depth.

The figures somehow seem to realise their own physical limitations and destiny if you like and thus reflects a struggle for self-acceptance, perhaps resignation.

Abounding with heightened emotions and rich cultural traditions, Purwa’s stylised figures draw upon the diversity and vibrancy of his background. Graceful composition showing vulnerable strength and light-footed postures bear the weight of mental burden.

Sanur, 1 October 1977

STSI, Denpasar, Bali

Artworks by Ida Bagus Putu Purwa

Artist Bio



Affordable Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium
First Art Fair, Amsterdam

Solo exhibition, “Vague Memories”, Santrian Gallery, Sanur, Bali
Art Sampoerna, The Atrium Sampoerna Strategic Building, Jakarta
“Art-tivities Now”, group exhibition, Breeze Art Space, Tangerang, Jakarta

“Legacy of Power” ARTJOG 14, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
“Asah Asih Asuh” Sika Contemporary Gallery, Bali
“Locaforce 2014” Bale Pare Hall Exhibition, Kota Baru Parahyangan, Bandung
“Re(ART)ionship” Sangkring Art Space, Yogyakarta

“Fascination” Avantgarde Berlin, Berlin, Germany in cooperation with Gallery Lukisan
” IMBA TUBUH ” DIA.LO.GUE Art Space, Jakarta

“Rising sons from the archipelago”, Gallery Lukisan, Dublin, Ireland
Solo exhibition, “Sign Session”, Boya Fineart & Tony Raka Gallery, Ubud Bali

Solo exhibition, “Break Out”, Boya Fineart & Elcanna Art Gallery, Jakarta

Joint exhibition “Question of Distance”, Boya Fineart & Elcanna Art Gallery, Jakarta

“Intuitive Reflection”, at Kiridesa Gallery, Kirds Singapore
“Jago”, at Niki Gallery, Ubud, Bali
“Maskulin”, at Danes Art Veranda, Bali
“Bali in Contemplation”, at O House Gallery, Jakarta
“Shape Expression of Bali Cultural Part”, at Art Centre Denpasar, Bali
“Sanur Festival”, at Santrian Gallery, Bali
“Unlimited Ten Fine Art”, at Danes Art Veranda, Bali
“Panorama Ten Fine Art”, Ganesha Gallery, 4 Season, Jimbaran, Bali

“Melbourne Affordable Art Show 2005”, at Royal Exhibition Building , Carlton Melbourne, Australia
“Ten Fine Art”, at Hogart Collect Gallery, Australia
Twinning Exhibition (with Ketut Teja Astawa): “Art As Self Expresion”, at Santrian Art Gallery, Bali
“Brikolase”, at Ten Fine Art, Sanur, Bali
“Black & White Group Hybridism”, at Pilar Batu Gallery, Ubud, Bali

“Sanur Painter Association Mosaic Exhibition”, at Santrian Art Gallery, Sanur, Bali.
“Drawing New Harmony II”, at Rare Angon Gallery, Sanur, Bali
“Triplet OH”, at Sudana Gallery, Ubud, Bali
“Exhibition at Guet Gallery”, at Sanur, Bali
“10 Artist Introduce Themselves”, at 10 Fine Art Sanur, Bali
“Auction”, at Swissotel the Stamford, Singapore
“Red by Black & White Group”, at Tama Gallery, Ubud, Bali
“The Journey by Sanur Painter Association”, at Puri Lukisan Museum, Ubud, Bali

“TAI Black Dies Natalis STSI XXXVI”, at STSI, Denpasar, Bali
“BIG from Fine Artist In 16”, at Art Center Denpasar & Santrian Gallery, Sanur, Bali
“LELAKUT”, at Peguyangan Rice Farm, Denpasar, Bali
“New Harmony”, at Rare Angon Gallery, Sanur, Bali
“Bali Art Festival XXV”, at Art Center, Denpasar, Bali
“Sarasvaty in Imagination”, at Nandya Gallery, Ubud, Bali
“Red & White Reflection”, at Margarana National Monument, Tabanan, Bali

“Trouble”, at Padang Linjong, Krobokan, Bali
Exhibition of Sanur Painters Association: “Soft Opening Santrian Gallery”, at Santrian Gallery, Sanur, Bali
“Exhibition and Demonstration”, at Apache Bar, Kuta, Bali
“Fine Artist in 16”, at Gabrig Art Gallery, Sanur, Bali
“Paradise Youth Activity for Humanity Sangga Bhuana”, at RRI, Denpasar, Bali

“Exhibition of Sanur Painters Association”, at Balairung Dewi Sri, Garuda Wisnu Kencana Exhibition Hall, Jimbaran, Bali
“Indonesia-Japan Cultural Exhibition with Balinese Flowers”, at Kuta Centre, Bali

“Creativity Exhibition for Welcoming Guest of PERTAMINA”, at STSI, Denpasar, Bali
3rd Anniversary of Kamasra at STSI Sanur, Denpasar, Bali

“Gebyar SMK” Indonesia, SMSRN Denpasar, Bali (“All Indonesian Senior High School Creativity Show)


The Best Artwork of Painting Competition, Denpasar Bali

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Iswanto Soerjanto

Iswanto Soerjanto

Iswanto Soerjanto has been working for more than 2 decades as an advertising photographer but is seeking to find other forms of photography. As an experienced photographer he makes high quality photos. His interest in the history of photography and techniques leading him to experiment with the medium, stepping outside the traditional boundary of the modern digital camera.

While other photography artists experimenting with the digital forms of photography, Iswanto Soerjanto goes back to the old camera obscura, antique tintype photography, glass photographic plates eventually omitting the negatives, and using unusual chemicals and different ways of processing the photo-sensitive paper. The majority of his artworks consist of chemigrams and cyanotypes, created with techniques and philosophy rooted in oriental culture.

Chemigram (link to Wikipedia for the definition) is a method to produce work on photo-sensitive paper using all kinds of chemicals with or without light exposure. Due to the absence of physical or digital negatives (or positives) there is no possibility to reproduce or reprint the photos, hence the works are all unique pieces.

Cyanotye is a photographic process that produces a cyan-blue print. While cyanotype method allows reproduction from drawings, other printed media or many sorts of other materials, due to the method of creating the artwork, most of the cyanotype artworks are also unique pieces. Note that all Iswanto Soerjanto’s cyanotype works are unique pieces.


Law School
Brooks Institute of Photography, California, USA

Artworks by Iswanto Soerjanto

Artist Bio

Solo Exhibition

“Painting With Light”, Mizuma Gallery, Singapore

“Re-Definition” – Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung, Indonesia

Group Exhibition

Direct Contact: Cameraless Photography Now, The Eskenazi Museum of Art at Indiana University USA

Art Jakarta 2022, Mizuma Gallery (Singapore), Jakarta, Indonesia

“Road To Bandung Photo Trienale”, Bandung, Indonesia
“How Are We Doing”, Mizuma Gallery, Singapore

Art Jakarta 2020 (online), Mizuma Gallery (Singapore), Jakarta, Indonesia

“On/Out Of Paper” – Mizuma Gallery, Singapore
KunstRAI Amsterdam – Gallery Lukisan
Affordable Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium
First Art Fair, Amsterdam

“From the Archives”, Mizuma Gallery, Singapore
ART JAKARTA, The Ritz Carlton Jakarta Pacific Place Ballroom

Why are we doing What we r doing? – Mizuma Gallery, Singapore

Mizuma Gallery, Singapore

“Beyond Photography”, Ciputra Artpreneur Center, Jakarta

Garis Art Space, Jakarta

Garis Art Space, Bali

Nine Art Gallery, Yogyakarta

“PHOTOMORGANA” Photography Exhibition held by Professional Photographer Association of Indonesia (APPI)

“INSPIRATION” Photography Exhibition held by Professional Photographer Association of Indonesia (APPI)


Artist’s statement (by Iswanto Soerjanto)

The relationship between what we perceive as visually recognizable and what is considered abstract is fascinating. In our daily life, we encounter many different environments, each of which has its own impact on us. I believe that everything in the world can be broken.down into multiple layers or elements of abstraction and pattern.
I am interested in the history of photography, the beginning we have the ability to capture an image and to preserve it permanently. Photography as a process of chemical reactions that involve light, light-sensitive material, and photographic chemicals. This is what I do to create my works, recording light and convert it into an abstract reality. These photos do not depict something, apart from the photo itself.

Basically, I use almost anything that can be functioned as a resist in order to control the amount of light hitting the photo paper and later dipping the photo paper into the chemical simultaneously and not to follow the ordinary steps. This western print making process is very much similar to javanese batik print making that has been exsisted in Indonesian culture for many generations, but instead of drawing a batik pattern, I initiate the light to draw on their own and let chemical reactions form the image. My control of making the image is minimum.

Chemigram as an alternative photography process was first discovered by a Belgian artist named Pierre Cordier in 1956 and then rolled all over the world.

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Hengki Koentjoro

Hengki Koentjoro

Hengki Koentjoro is an award-winning and accomplished fine-art and landscape photographer, specialising in capturing the spectral domain amidst the shades of black and white. Born in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia, he proceeded to pursue further education in Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California; an expedition that plunged him into the professional arena of video production and fine art photography. Childhood introduction to camera on his 11th birthday is by now an earnest love affair that involves an elaborate choreography of composition, texture, shapes and lines.

Upon his return to Indonesia, Hengki settles in Jakarta as a freelance videographer and video editor for nature documentaries and corporate profiles. Delving into what he believes to be his true purpose in life’s journey of expression, he indulges himself in the art of black and white photography on the side. Exploring along the borderlines of light and shadow, yin and yang. Celebrating complexity in the minimalist, while diving into the spiritual in the physical.

Hengki Koentjoro is named one of Hasselblad Ambassadors.

“Photography can never be separated from the aspects of making the common things unusual, welcoming the unexpected, indulging and embracing ourselves with the joy of photography”—Hengki Koentjoro, 2013

24 March, 1963 in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia

Kanisius High School, 1977 – 1981 — Jakarta, Indonesia
Brooks Institute of Photography, 1987 – 1990 — California, USA


Hasselblad Ambassador:

Artworks by Hengki Koentjoro

Artist Bio



Affordable Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium
First Art Fair, Amsterdam


Photo Exhibition & Art Talk, LUMAS, Singapore
Middle East Exposures, Susan Spiritus Gallery, Irvine, California, USA
Wonder Foto Day, Taipei, Taiwan
Photo Exhibition, Tobin Ohashi Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Affordable Art Fair Brussels, Gallery Lukisan, The Netherlands
First Art Fair, Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, Gallery Lukisan, The Netherlands


Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, Gallery Lukisan, The Netherlands
Affordable Art Fair Brussels, Belgium, Gallery Lukisan, The Netherlands
Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, Gallery Lukisan, The Netherlands

2016 October
Unseen Amsterdam
“Art Laren” Gallery Lukisan, The Netherlands

2015, 27 – 20 February
“An Eternal Moment” Solo Exhibition — Hasselblad Gallery — Shibuya – Tokyo – Japan

2014, 27 November
Taiwan Photo Fair 2014

2014, 14 November
Fotofever Paris 2014 — Vevais Galerie Collections

2014, 16 September
Photokina 2014 — Cologne, Germany. Exhibition & Launching of Hasselblad Master Book #4

2014, 28 March
ART | WINE | WATER — Tobin Ohashi Gallery — Japan

2013, 22 November
Taiwan Photo Fair 2013

2012, May 9 – 20
Vernissage International Photographic Exhibition “SmallGarden” – Galleria d’Arte Moderna – Villa Reale, Milan – Italy

2012, 15 September
Tobin Ohashi Gallery Exhibition, Tokyo – Japan

2011, 23 Oct – 6 Nov
“Beyond Photography” 2011, by Ciputra Groups, Ciputra Artpreneur Center, Jakarta – Indonesia

2010, 22 June
Santa Lucia, Mostra Benefica di Fotografia, by Loredana  Guinicelli, Italy

2009, 9 – 21 Nov
“Asia Without Borders” by Asian Geographic Magazine, Gallery The Arts House, Singapore

2009, 24 October – 15 November
Photography Contemporer, “Urbantopia”, North Art Space, Pasar Seni Ancol, Jakarta – Indonesia

2009, 7 — 17 Maret
Art & Photography Exhibition, “ Images Of Indonesia”, by Indonesian Heritage Society, Plaza Senayan, Jakarta – Indonesia


  1. 2nd place in Nature Pro category in 2008 PX3 annual photo competition.
  2. Honourable Mentions PX3 2008 Photo Competition.
  3. Nominees 2008 Black And White Spider Award in Silhouette Category.
  4. Merit Award in 2008 Single Image Contest Awards, Black And White Magazine Issue # 56 February 2008, page 189.
  5. 2nd in the Asia Without Borders Photography Competition 2009 in the Faces Of The Earth category.
  6. Art Limited Winner of the February 2009 contest.
  7. Merit award 2009, Indonesian Heritage Society Art And Photography Exhibition.
  8. PX3 Honourable Mention Recipients of 2009 Water Competition.
  9. Black & White Single Image Contest 2013, for a Spotlight Award.
  10. Black and White Spider Awards 2013. 2nd place – Merit of Excellent in Silhouette Category
  11. Black and White Spider Awards 2013. 1st place – Outstanding Achievement in Nature Category
  12. Worldwide Photography Gala Awards – WPGA 2013. 1st place – Seascape/Underwater Category
  13. PX3 Paris Photo Competition 2013 — 3rd place in Fine Art Category
  14. Kontinent Awards 2013 – Official Selection in Fine Art Projects
  15. Kontinent Awards 2014 – Official Selection in Fine Art Projects
  16. Hasselblad Master 2014 – 1st place winner in Landscapes/Nature category
  17. MIFA – Moscow International Foto Awards 2014 – Honourable Mention – Fine Art Landscape
  18. IPA Photography Awards 2014 – 1st place winner in Nature/Aerial category
  19. PX3 Paris Photo Competition 2015 – 1st Prize in Nature Category/Animal
  20. PX3 Paris Photo Competition 2015 – 1st Prize in Nature Category/Water


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  39. Hengki Koentjoro special issue El Patio de la Luna art magazine by Miguel Morales Ruiz at online magazine ISSUU



The Refined Eye (2016)

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S. Dwi Stya Acong

S. Dwi Stya Acong

The works of art of S. Dwi Stya Acong are surrealistic-impressionistic landscapes in which light is captured in short, unblended brushstrokes in vibrant colours and yet subdued contrasts.

A recurring theme of the works of S. Dwi Stya Acong, an anonymous lone figure, often man, standing many times turned away from the observant, appears to be out of place within the careful composition and particularly haunting landscape, where there is little sense of time all the more an abundance of space. The refined figure is in stark contrast with the absurd world, where chaos seems to be ordered and controlled by hope and suppressed optimism, reflects both vulnerability and strength simultaneously.

S. Dwi Stya Acong is a well established contemporary artist from East-Java. Het received formal art education at the ISI (Institut Senirupa Indonesia), the Indonesia Institute of the Art in Yogyakarta, after which he gains many international interest. His works have been exhibited at numerous international exhibitions in Asia (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Taiwan), Europe (The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland) but also in American continent (Brazil).

26 March 1977, in Malang, East Java, Indonesia

Indonesian Fine Arts Institute (ISI), Yogyakarta, Indonesia (1994-2003)

Artworks by S. Dwi Stya Acong

Artist Bio

Solo Exhibition

2014 “The Standing Man” Galeri G13, Kelana Jaya Selangor, Malaysia

2008 “SEEDS OF LIGHT“ Musium Afandi Yogyakarta

2006 “WAKTU GONG“ KOONG Galeri Jakarta

2002 “INTERLUDE” Pendapa Budaya ASDRAFI Yogyakarta



Group Exhibiton

Ao que vai nascer – Galeria Nara Roesler, São Paulo, Brazil
Merdeka – Gallery Lukisan

Indonesian Waves (Online) – Primae Noctis, Lugano, Switzerland

KunstRAI, Amsterdam – Gallery Lukisan
Primae Noctis, Lugano, Switzerland

Affordable Art Fair Brussels – Gallery Lukisan
First Art Fair, Amsterdam – Gallery Lukisan
Indonesian Identities, Contemporary Art in Indonesia – Primo Marella Gallery, Milan, Italy

Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam – Gallery Lukisan
Antwerpen Art – Gallery Lukisan


LEGACY OF PWER ARTJOG 14 Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia
ART EXSPO MALAYSIA 2014 Gallery G13 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
SOSIO LANDSCAPE National Museum Of Cambodia UOB Painting On The Year 2014 Jakarta


MARITIM ARTJOG 13 Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
ART EXSPO MALAYSIA 2013 Gallery G13 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
IDIALEKIAA 2013 Gallery Nasional Jakarta
UOB Painting on the year Jakarta
RECENT WORKS Gallery G 13 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
ENCHANTED SHADOW Massachusetts Avenue, N.W Washington D.C USA


ANIVERSARY #2 Jakarta Art Distric Koong gallery
KEMBAR MAYANG Musium Widayat Magelang
ESTETICA SENSATION Koi Gallery Jakarta Indonesia
FREE KICK Royal Residen Ballroom Surabaya
SPIRIT OF JAVA Taksu Gallery Bali
MALAYSIA ART EXSPO 2013 Kuala lumpur Malaysia
LOOKING EAST (A Gaze Upon Indonesian Contemporary Art)
ARTJOG 12 Taman Budaya Yokyakarta.


INTIP Jakarta Art Distrik KOONG gallery Jakarta Indonesia ARTJOG 11 Taman Budaya Yokyakarta. Indonesia BAZAAR ART JAKARTA 2011 Ritz calton pacific Place Jakarta . Indonesia
BAYANG INDONESIAN ISLAMIC ART Galeri Nasional Indonesia Indonesia
MANDIRI BANK Opening Gedung Esa Sampurna Surabaya Indonesia
PASAR ILANG KUMANDANGE Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta Indonesia
MALAYSIA ART EXSPO 2011 KOONG gallery Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
BIENNALE JATIM Go Art Space Gallery Surabaya Indonesia
RELIGIOUSITY opening Museum and Gallery MONDECOR


BAZAAR ART JAKARTA 2010 Ritz calton pacific Place Jakarta .
ANIVERSARY KOONG Gallery Jakarta, Indonesia
SIGN and AFTER CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC ART, Lawang Wangi Art&ScienceEstate Bandung, Indonesia
MALAYSIA ART EXSPO 2010 KOONG gallery Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


“YA-SIN THE UNSTRANSLATABLE” Djogja Gallery Yogyakarta
“RED DISTRICT PROJECT” Koong Gallery Jakarta
“TRANCENT” Gallery Kupu-Kupu Jakarta
“SURVEY II” Edwin Gallery Jakarta
“SEMARAK” Bienale Jakarta
CIGE 2009 Beijing China
“GRIP” Vanessa Art Link Beijing, China
Jogyakarta Art Fair # 2 Yogyakarta
Art Taipei 2009 Taipei, Taiwan


“ABSOLUTE JAWA 50 %” Galeri Rumah Jawa Jakarta
“BENIH CAHAYA” Musium Afandi Yogyakarta
“MANIFESTO” Galeri Nasional Jakarta.




“WAKTU GONG” KOONG Galeri Jakarta


Pameran Berdua, Seni Rupa “GELANDANGAN”, Acong-Horo, Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta
Pameran Koleksi Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta
“MARI MENCARI GEMBIRA” Kedai Kebun Yogyakarta
Pameran Bersama KOONG Galeri Jakarta




Pameran “SAKSI MATA” Koleksi Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta
“REPLAY” Sociteit Taman Budaya Yogyakarta


Pameran Lukis Bertiga “Dari Musim ke Musim” di Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta
Pameran Lukis “TROPIS” Bersama Komunitas “DURILATU” di Benteng Vredeburg Yogyakarta


Performance art “DUNIA BENALU” Benteng Vredeburg Yogyakarta
Pameran Lukis Kelompok’94 “PERTEMUAN” di Purna Budaya Yogyakarta
Pameran Seni Lukis di Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
Pameran Lukis di Galeri AIR Jakarta


Performance & Instalation “RUWATAN KEMATIAN RAMBU” Yogyakarta
Pameran Lukis “INDONESIA MEMBENTANG JAMAN” Natour Garuda Hotel Yogyakarta
Performance art “PAKAIAN KEBESARAN” Bekasi Jakarta
Performance art “Pameran BOMM Taman Budaya Raden Saleh Semarang”
Performance art “UTUSAN CINTA” di Purna Budaya Yogyakarta
Pameran Lukis Perupa Muda 2000 di Purna Budaya Yogyakarta


Pameran Lukis “REFLEKSI JAMAN” di Benteng Vredeburg Yogyakarta
Pameran Lukis “PRATISARA AFANDI” di Galeri ISI Yogyakarta
Pameran Lustrum ke III di Galeri ISI Yogyakarta


Performance art, Children From Stasiun LIP Yogyakarta
Pameran Lukis FKY di Benteng Vredeburg Yogyakarta
Pameran Lukis Dies Natalis ISI Yogyakarta


Pameran Dies Natalies ISI di Galeri ISI Yogyakarta
Pameran Seni Lukis Jambore Pasar Seni Ancol, Jakarta

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Indra Dodi

Indra Dodi

Indra Dodi makes an effort to simulate childlike drawings and joyous spontaneity on his usually large canvases with expressive, art brut, naïve style but with a refined manner. The layered colours, the notion of composition and structures, together with the detailed figures which appear to have their own characters, reveal the careful thought behind his paintings.

A graduate of the prestigious Indonesian art college in Yogyakarta, ISI (Indonesian Institute of the Arts), and a pupil of Yunizar, his works have been exhibited abroad, as far as The Netherlands and Germany. With already some solo and group exhibitions in Asia, in South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, The Philippines and of course Indonesia, Indra Dodi is one of the most successful Indonesian contemporary artists.

The smaller works are specially made for outside Indonesia and framed in beautiful (teak) wooden frame.

1 January, 1980 in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Indonesian Fine Arts Institute (ISI), Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Leather Academy (Akademi Teknologi Kulit), Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Sarjana Wiata Institut Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Artworks by Indra Dodi