Colony Post Colony

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Artwork by

Prihatmoko Moki

Silkscreen print on paper

Edition: 1/4 (the last complete series)

10 pages,


26.5 x 45 cm


Colony Post Colony is part of “Prajurit Kalah Tanpa Raja” (Soldiers lose without a King) project. The series tells about land expropriation and forced eviction of the local people in Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. As the city of Yogyakarta has become a major magnet for tourism and other industries in the recent years, the regional government was aiming to build the new international airport as fast as possible (the currently operational Yogyakarta International Airport or YIA). When the artist started the project, there were still 17 families who refused to leave their ancestors’ land and stood up for their rights. Seeking assistance and supporters for their legal battle, the locals used social media to attract support from broader public. Prihatmoko Moki, as one of the supporters, tells the story in imaginative and theatrical way using colonial symbols and attributes based on images from the videos put on social media.