Representing visual arts and photography artists from Indonesia and South East Asia and collaborations with Dutch and other international artists, GALLERY LUKISAN has participated in leading art fairs in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and events in Ireland. Based in the historic city Bergen op Zoom (The Netherlands), close to the border with Belgium and located strategically at the intersection of important business and art hubs Amsterdam/Rotterdam and Antwerp/Brussels.

The contemporary art in South East Asia, especially Indonesia, bursts with energy and creativity. Rather than the scholarly Western art, the SEA contemporary art is freely influenced by the strong communal sense, tradition, religion and centuries long cultural exchange within the region. Unburdened, the contemporary art of SEA blooms a unique mix of modern styles and character. However, there is always a room for subtle confrontation of intellectual thoughts on post-colonialism politics, social injustice, tolerance, diversity, religious freedom and the struggle for the new forms of democracy. 

It may be necessary for one’s perspective to understand the geography of the densely populated South East Asia, that is dominated by the Indonesian Archipelago. Projected on the map of Europe, Indonesia alone with its more than 17,500 islands would stretch from Ireland up to Ukraine, and with 260 million inhabitants, half of the population of all EU countries, it is the 4th most populous country in the world. South East Asia is as big as Europe in size and population and is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

All artworks in this web site are for sale. Kindly contact me if you are interested in the art works, looking for assistance in your search request or if you need a mediator to your favourite artist.

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